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Hi There!

This is a Golgari Infect Deck built with an objective to get my opponents to ten poison counters through Hand of the Praetors by casting creature spells. This deck was built with the cards available.

As stated in my intro, to primarily poison my opponents I'll be casting creature spells with infect. Since the trigger isn't when they enter the battlefield, my opponents will get poisoned whether or not the spell resolves. Supporting this strategy is Corpse Cur. As my creatures die, CC allows me to put them back into my hand, allowing me to cast multiple creature spells in the late game.
Combat is another method. With a full playset of HotP to buff up creatures and three copies of Rancor to give them Trample, even small creatures can be a threat.

Ram Through and Rancor allow for instant speed poison counters. Any creature an opponent controls with a toughness of 1 or 2 will do the trick.

I also have a mana sink in Contagion Clasp to proliferate to victory.

The previously mentioned Ram Through and Rancor Combo will also severely weaken powerful creatures.

Flensermite and Jungle Hollow allow for a little life gain to buy some time. Jungle Hollow also allows for some mana flexibility.

Melira, Sylvok Outcast is my biggest concern. All I can do about Melira is target her with Ram Through using Viridian Betrayers if my opponent doesn't have any poison counters yet. Though I don't imagine playing against a modern deck with her in it, I prefer to be prepared.

While I could go with something cheaper mana wise than Fade into Antiquity, I don't have any graveyard hate available. Simply exiling Solemnity is a safer option.

Sadly, Venerated Rotpriest is way outside my budget to coordinate with Ram Through and Rancor for dealing with Melira, but Tear Asunder when kicked will do the trick. Inquisition of Kozilek and Whispering Specter will be added as support against Solemnity when I can get the cards for them. However, this won't be an option until I get copies of Bojuka Bog.

For speed, card draw, and to take advantage of HotP, Plague Myr and more copies of Ichorclaw Myr, Plague Stinger and Rot Wolf will replace the other one of's.

I'm a non-fan of Sideboards, but I may add Ratchet Bomb to here for a way to deal with go wide token decks.

Since these changes will bring the deck closer to equal mana costs of black and green, land tutor spells will be removed.

I did briefly consider the Fynn, the Fangbearer/Archetype of Finality combo, but decided Fynn was better as a monogreen deck with lots of pump spells.

Well, that's all for this deck for now. I'll be making changes if and when I get the cards. If you have any ideas in the mean time please don't hesitate to post in the comments. In turn, I hope this deck gives you some ideas.

God Bless!


Updates Add

I removed Cystbearer, blight widow and Tangle Angler and put in Septic Rats and Phyrexian Juggernaut. Septic Rats will have a higher power than Cystbearer once my opponent is poisoned. Phyrexian Juggernaut gives a serious threat once its on the battlefield--Especially if Rancor is attached and I have Ram Through in hand.


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