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A deck built around the miracle mechanic. took a small cue from 4c gifts

The list has been modified recently. I've decided the amount of damage I take from my lands makes it worth it to run all 4 helix main, and play the bolts side. Taking out cryptic and playing a couple loothouses, and V-clique were great suggestions from the Masters of Modern guys. I also figured playing supreme verdict can't hurt either. Bonfire seems to only be good as a one-of, as I tried 2 and it was not great.

---Testing this far---

Affinity, Zoo, fast aggro- game 1 you have to get lucky and have relevant interaction turns 1-4. Games 2 and 3 you can mulligan for relevant interaction. Gifts for Umburial rites+Elesh Norn typically wins you the game.

BGx- Liliana can't stay on the board but otherwise this deck is fairly resistant to this strategy. In this match-ups gifts is used basically for value in conjunction with snapcaster mage, and noxious revival. 50-50.

Twin- blood moon sucks, there's a reason 5 cards in the board are devoted to removing it, and 3 more to counter. In general the combo is pretty good because they can protect it from path. Hallowed moonlight also delays it a turn. 35-65.


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