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blackxXxX electromancer

The deck is just pure goodstuff or in this cace Good goodstuff. The win con that i have recommend is any thing thats big or has flying and then buff it really and just attack your opponent with Goodstuff and win or whatever you are trying to do. And it's got lots of Mana leaks,Path to Exiles and Lightning Bolts and other removal like that so you should be fairly safe i hope...Hope you have fun with the deck!! (LOL) oh and if you won't to make the deck budget you tack out the very expensive lands like Woodland Wanderer,Windswept Heath,Wooded Foothills and Reflecting Pool you no stuff like that and Tarmogoyf of course. And like most good decks it has turn 4 win. Good bey and like always

I hope you liked the deck.


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