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Relentless Rats is the main component of the deck.Commander is Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni - Swarm with Rats and then Ninjutsu in Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni.The deck has a lot of ramp and draw, mainly to get out as many RATS!!! as possible and Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni.There tutors to search for the draw and stable lifegain for the Dark Tutelage-type cards.Tutors:Demonic TutorPlanar Bridge - not strictly a tutor, but it's still useful for getting out enchantments and so on.Grim TutorImperial SealDiabolic TutorCruel TutorNight Dealings - Good for when you have a swarm set upRune-Scarred Demon - A strong creature as well - basically a 6/6 flyer for 7 and a free tutor.Ramp:Magus of the Coffers - Cabal Coffers on a stickCabal CoffersCabal Ritual Solemn SimulacrumJourneyer's Kite - a multi-use land ramp - very stable Sol Ring - obviouslyExpedition Map - you can search for nonbasics such as Cabal Coffers with this oneCabal Stronghold - Cabal Coffers, but it can self-tap for 1 and costs 1 more to give swamp manaCaged Sun - gives all your rats +1/+1 and doubles your black mana production Liliana of the Dark Realms - a good stable ramp that you can protect with swarm and murder any flyers attacking her with the removal coming next.

Removal:Kindred Dominance - the best tribal boardwipeHero's Downfall - planeswalker removal as wellMalicious AfflictionMurderFinally, card:Scour from Existance - good if there's a pesky artefact, enchantment or utility land you can't get rid of.Draw:Phyrexian ArenaDark TutelageIndulgent TormentorMerciless ResolveNight's WhisperAnd now... the cards you've all been waiting for...RATS!!!!Relentless Rats X 35!Relentless Rats is generally better than Rat Colony, but if you want a lower cost swarm, then sideboard in any number of Rat Colonys for the Relentless Rats.And then there are the swamps.


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