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To clean up the streets, one has to have an intimate knowledge of them. Let’s meander down the side streets, dead ends and cul-de-sacs of Gotham’s suburbia.

We’re running an Izzet build that leans in favor of , so we really don’t need utility or otherwise flashy lands. We run the typical Modern staples; the only other point of interest is that all our basics are Snow because we run Skred.

Scalding Tarn will fetch a Mountain or and Island and ping us for 1. Trust me, we’re in no danger of being nickel-and-dime’d to death. Take advantage of this fetch land whenever possible.

Steam Vents should always enter untapped. Pay the 2 points of life, we won’t be needing them...

Snow-Covered Mountains and Snow-Covered Islands round out the mana base, with the amounts stacked in favor of .


Tavern Scoundrel, besides exuding some pretty epic ‘Han Solo in the Cantina’ vibes, is a great recurring way to initiate coin flips. Each flip we win nets us two treasure tokens, one of which can be sac’d to initiate yet another coin flip, which will produce another two short, he’ll keep us wallowing in gold more than King Solomon. Of course, that’s assuming we win the coin flips...

•Every devilishly handsome scoundrel needs a Wookiee BFF, and Karplusan Minotaur is all too happy to fill the role.

Our furry friend with the life debt has a cumulative upkeep that entails flipping a coin. What begins with a modest 1 point ping of damage will snowball into exponentially more flips and thus more damage.

Also... Show

All Rise!

You may be seated.

The trial begins with our deposition at the hands of our opponent. But fear not; we have on retainer the Shining White Knight, Gotham City’s District Attorney Harvey Dent.


Having greased the palm of the presiding Judge with cold, hard cash, Harvey needn’t worry about the outcome of the case. Luck, you see, always seems to favor this Gothamite.

Chance Encounter predicates everything we do. The backbone of the deck, our spells and abilities and such are all designed to trace back to this card. Once in play, Chance Encounter shall accrue one luck counter for each and every coin flip we win. As per the most recent rule revision, “winning” a coin flip entails that we be the flipper, not the flippee. In other words an opponent losing a flip of their own does not constitute a win for us. Still, a mere 10 luck counters and it’s an automatic win once our next upkeep rolls around.

Obviously, if one were to seriously consider building around this then the optimal path would probably be to proliferate, combo Liquimetal Coating into Vorel of the Hull Clade, or at least run spells like Doubling Season or a Modern legal imitation of Deepglow Skate (if there even is one). Not to mention running Revel in Riches in tandem with Tavern Scoundrel as backup.


We won’t be doing any of that. No, we’ll be relying on Lady Luck to smile upon us.

Let’s examine the spells that will start stacking counters on our Enchantment.

Goblin Traprunner is a welcome new addition from the most excellent Modern Horizons 2 expansion. Whenever it attacks we get the opportunity for 3 successive coin flips, with each win plopping down a 1/1 goblin token that’s tapped and attacking. Phenomenal utility on this guy!

Yusri, Fortune's Flame is our draw engine. Attack, win 5 coin flips and draw 5 cards. Oh, and then play your hand for free :D

Molten Birth is a great way to augment our board presence while simultaneously feeding our Enchantment’s total number of luck counters. Best of all, when—I mean if—we win the flip, we get to return the spell to our hand.

Fiery Gambit is a great multi-tiered value card. All we need to do is win 3 flips in a row to zap a chump blocker, skewer our opponent for 6, then gas up with a gluttonous 9 card draw—then untap all our lands, sit back and smile at a bewildered opponent. Technically we can farm all 10 coin flips with this spell and secure a win on our next upkeep...but for reasons detailed under the final spoiler block, it might be prudent to choose to stop flipping after the 3rd correct guess.

Stitch in Time—An extra turn for a mere 3 mana? Yes, please. We do need to win a coin flip first, but that’s easier done than said.


The defense attorneys will do their utmost to trip us up and catch us in a lie, or attempt to manipulate proceedings for their own benefit. It is paramount we take command of the courtroom. With one of the following rebuttals in hand, stand up with all the gusto of Phoenix Wright and lay down the law.

Vapor Snag banishes material witnesses.

Mana Leak Blows holes in uncorroborated testimony.

Remand will have the defense begging for a short recess to confer with their client.

Lightning Bolt and Skred are both adept at exposing perjured testimony, tearing the witness on the stand to shreds.

•Cast Chance Encounter as soon as possible.

•Control the board with Vapor Snag, Mana Leak, Remand, Skred and Lightning Bolt.

•Repeatedly cast spells and activate abilities/triggers which elicit one or more coin flips, stacking luck counters on our Enchantment until we reach 10, winning the game.


We don’t need one.

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘This looks like a fun novelty deck, but you don’t honestly expect to win any games with this, do you?’

You bet we do. In fact, if we can get Chance Encounter in play we can expect to win 99.99% of the time.

You see, the secret is:

”Can I be morally clean with wicked scales, With a bag of fraudulent stone weights?”


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