I am always looking to improve my list and welcome all constructive criticism, questions, and suggestions. I try to get back to all comments as quickly as I am able.

Yes I know that I have made a permanent storm deck that uses a commander the shuts off the ability to play most of the cards in the deck. But hey it isn't called a glass canon for nothing.

Years ago I ran a janky Xira Arien Warp World combo deck. That deck revolved around casting Warp World over and over again until the deck had a very large field with haste and opponents didn't. This is possible because my Xira Arien deck ran very few non permanents and most of the permanents it ran created more permanents.

A lot of the elements from Xira Arien have carried over to this deck. However this deck is more consistent then Xira Arien. The reason for this is that Warp World is 8 CMC and one counter spell ruins our day. The way the deck used to be doesn't work anymore because of the increase in power level of commander.

Cue the lovable walking codex Codie. Codie lets us cheat a one sided Warp World, the newly printed Glimpse of Tomorrow, into play a lot quicker then it would take to hard cast Warp World.

From there if the combo doesn't whiff the deck can start looping Warp World to win the game.

  1. Do not keep a hand without an instant or sorcery or a way to get an instant or sorcery.
  2. Build up the permanent count and ramp the first 4 turn.
  3. Cast Codie (make sure to be very aware that he cuts off casting permanents and thus most of the deck).
  4. Activate Codie and cast an instant or sorcery.
  5. Pseudo "Cascade" into Glimpse of Tomorrow.
  6. Cast Glimpse of Tomorrow returning Codie to the command zone (make sure to start tracking the mana pool and tapping lands to maximize how much mana is produced).
  7. This is where the combo line can go a lot of different ways depending on what you have in hand and what Glimpse of Tomorrow flips into play. Sometime what Glimpse of Tomorrow flips into play is enough to win without the next steps. However....
  8. The next goal is to cast Warp World. Either tutor for it off of Wishclaw Talisman / Sidisi, Undead Vizier / Rune-Scarred Demon or cast it if it is already in hand.
  9. Return Warp World to hand using Ardent Elementalist / Eternal Witness / Skullwinder / Timeless Witness.
  10. Keep recasting Warp World.
  11. Once opponents have fewer permanents and Fires of Yavimaya / Fervor is in play, swing for lethal.
  12. Alternatively Impact Tremors / Purphoros, God of the Forge can kill the table from creature ETB triggers.
The magic instant / sorcery CMC for how I have constructed this deck is 2. If a 2 CMC instant / sorcery spell is cast after activating Codie the only card it can hit is Glimpse of Tomorrow.

Below are the spells and ways to get them:

  • A lot of the permanents in this deck create more permanents either by making a few tokens or from tutoring and putting a land into play. This list is for the permanents that create a butt-load of tokens
  • Monkey Cage So this is a weird one. Not only does it trigger for your creatures it triggers for EVERY creature that ETBs and creates tokens for EVERY creature with CMC that enters (although it only sacs itself once lol). This can provide an insane amount of 2/2 ape tokens.
  • Avenger of Zendikar / Omnath, Locus of Rage / Scute Swarm / Tireless Provisioner / Rampaging Baloths Cause landfall is a “fair” and “balanced” mechanic
  • Chancellor of the Forge Stack triggers so that this triggers last to create the max amount of 1/1 goblin tokens
  • Chatterfang, Squirrel General doubles the amount of tokens that enter and isn't $60 + unlike other cards *cough* Doubling Season *cough*


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