Note: This description is for a (once-again) older version of the list. I'll update it when I get the chance or when I stop messing with the build. Also, the sideboard is incomplete, so ignore that for now.

My Stoneblade list has morphed once again with Return to Ravnica. Now I'm splashing green for Knight of the Reliquary and Abrupt Decay. I dropped the standard discard package common in B/W Stoneblade lists (aside from Duress) and went for more versatile removal in the form of Swords to Plowshares, Vindicate, and Abrupt Decay. With as many fetchlands and Wastelands as I'm running, Knight of the Reliquary turns into a beast!

Due to only having a light splash of green, I may need to find room for a couple Crucible of Worlds in case I get locked out of that color, although Aether Vial helps rectify that a bit as far as Knight of the Reliquary goes.

Comments and criticism are very much appreciated and more than welcome. I don't know if I've seen a list like this before, so I'm not sure what might come of this.

Also, if anyone can think of a better name to fit this build, please share :D


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