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Lazer Zap - Turn 4 Win (Post-Rotation)




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This is a similar format to my previous deck, but after losing the wizards with prowess (the key to the deck) the deck has become slower. However, the deck is now slightly more consistent, and I'm excited for the release of the new Snapcaster Mage - Mission Briefing! It can even be better than Snapcaster in some instances because it triggers the pseudo-prowess on Adeliz and Wee Dragonauts.

First Turn:

Play a Steam Vents or a mountain/island untapped. Cast Ghitu Lavarunner (or Siren Stormtamer).

Second Turn:

Play a Sulfur Falls, or an island/mountain. Cast Goblin Electromancer. Attack for 1.

Third Turn:

Play any land, then cast Adeliz, the Cinder Wind. Attack for 5.

Fourth Turn:

Play any land, then cast Wizard's Lightning and Lightning Strike targeting the opponent. Attack for 12. The opponent should have -4 life.

Red text: Very good card
Blue text: A somewhat powerful card, but open to replacements

Adeliz, the Cinder Wind is the main enabler of this deck. Even though she doesn't directly have the prowess ability, her ability pumps your entire team in addition to burn spell damage. You can do more than 20 damage in one turn with her ability and a few other wizards.
Ghitu Lavarunner is the one drop of this deck. This helps to activate the ability on Wizard's Lightning, and it gains haste around turn two or three, which is helpful. However, due to his lackluster power, he can be replaced by a better card.
Goblin Electromancer is a powerful card by itself, but the fact that it's a wizard makes it even better. Although worse than Baral, Chief of Compliance, this still does the job well, decreasing the cost on Ionize and Lightning Strike, among other things.
Merfolk Trickster is a good addition to this deck. It does well on both the offense and the defense, and can easily take out a blocker in order to get in a few more points of damage. The double blue mana is not restrictive at all with the number of dual-colored lands in this deck, and it is a good inclusion to this deck. Thanks to geshbarf for the suggestion!
Siren Stormtamer is a good one-drop that can protect your creatures fairly well. It has some evasion and can attack easily, and it's alright (as a one-drop) even if you aren't targeted with removal or burn. Thanks to SpiralWolfos for the suggestion!
Although it competes with Adeliz as a three-drop, this card is well worth the price. It has a powerful "pseudo-prowess" ability coupled with flying for evasion that can close out games in a heartbeat. Given its power, Adeliz might not even be necessary in some games due to the power of this card. Special thanks to geshbarf for the suggestion!
Although a somewhat powerful card in its own right, Ionize replaces Wizard's Retort in this deck due to the inclusion of Goblin Electromancer. Wizard's Retort wasn't always the best option because of the two blue mana necessary, and the two damage on Ionize can be extremely helpful in closing out games. Again, though, if I see sufficient evidence to convince me that Wizard's Retort is better, I'll switch them.
Lightning Strike is a fairly simple card. Its ability should mainly be used against players if you know that you can get them low on life quickly, but if they get something crucial in their deck, this can be very powerful - even if it isn't as good as Wizard's Lightning
Mission Briefing is almost as good, if not better than, Snapcaster Mage would be in this deck. It triggers "prowess", surveils two, and is just great control/a good finisher. If you just need that last burn spell, but you aren't drawing any - this gets it from your graveyard and also helps with Adeliz's ability.
Opt is a good card that allows the deck to search for certain cards that might not normally be in your opening hand. However, its ability is restricted because of the fact that it can restrict other turn one and turn two plays. If you're running out of cards, though, this can trigger "prowess" on Adeliz, the Cinder Wind and Wee Dragonauts
Shock is less powerful than Wizard's Lightning in most cases, because you will usually have a wizard out on the battlefield. Still, the burn/removal is helpful against other aggro decks that have early creatures. Thanks to SpiralWolfos for the suggestion!
Wizard's Lightning is incredibly powerful and fast-acting. It is incredible, because it doesn't need a powerful enabler - just a one-mana Ghitu Lavarunner - in order to be a Lightning Bolt. This is good for the same reasons any burn spell is - it kills creatures and finishes games with pure damage.
Search for Azcanta   is a search engine that can help to stabilize draws and at the same time accelerate the game in my favor. It's a powerful card that is very useful in most situations - although it isn't always the best draw in the endgame, when creatures can be more useful. Thanks to Snivy__ for the suggestion!

Please do make suggestions, as they can be very helpful. Thanks!

*Note: I am not including the sideboard here because I plan to edit it based on new decks seen with the release of Guilds of Ravnica, but so far the cards there are meant to counter each guild separately (+Dinos, just in case) - see if you can figure out which sideboard cards are for which guilds! (One of them is for two guilds).


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