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WUB Aggro control.

Cast Invisible Stalker and equip Sword of Body and Mind and mill.

DoJ droping? Cast a Mana Leak and then Surgical Extraction.
Geth's Verdict? Sword of Body and Mind's or Timely Reinforcement's tokens.
Surgical Extraction'ed your stalker? Use Vault Skirge or Mirran Crusader instead .
Aggro putting on the pressure? Drop a Day of Judgment or Timely Reinforcements .

Suggestions are welcome. if you post a well-thought out suggestion I'll be willing to take a look at one of your decks and offer the same service, just make sure to have a link to the deck you want me to look at in your post.

Also +1 for cookies.


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Last Update: [02/10/11]


This deck has gone through a lot of playtesting and constant revision. With what has currently been released I feel that this will be a competitive deck that I'll be able to take to my FMN. I've worked towards making this deck more consistent while also lowering the price; however, I still need help.


Ok, so I've been debating a lot about this deck and they boil down 1 basic thing: Drop black. Either I drop black for another color (depending on Innistrad, but so far I'm thinking red), or drop it completely and focus on a UW deck.

Some reasons to not drop black are: Distress + Surgical Extraction to get rid of boardwipes; Tormented Soul ; Draw from the Nihil Spellbomb. Also if I keep black I'm considering adding in Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas to dig for the right sword.

Some reasons to drop black for red (or any color): Blasphemous Act and Slagstorm become one sided boardwipes when I have Sword of War and Peace out. Curse of Stalked Prey speeds up my clock. Along with cards like Devil's Play in order to get that last bit of damage.

Some reasons to drop black: Consistency; room for more cards such as crackling counterpart , Undead Alchemist (works nicely with Sword of Body and Mind).

However, I really can't decide. So I need some help; either suggestions or offers to playtest (on Cockatrice or OCTGN2).


Played around with the lands a bit morel; still trying to find that money mix. Trepanation Blade is probably what I'm gonna put in instead of Batterskull in order to lower the mana curve. Still trying to figure out what I need and don't need in order to streamline this deck as much as possible.


Woot! This deck made the Top 3 FNM. One dream has been achieved thanks to all you guys and your suggestions. Still would love any more you guys could offer. I'm considering Nevermore from the new leaks as a nice replacement for Mana Leak.

I'm also considering making this more 'mill' oriented. Like I said before Sword of Body and Mind + Undead Alchemist leads to some serious pressure from both zombie 2/2 tokens and wolf 2/2 tokens. Some problems with this would be the fact that Undead Alchemist is really fragile and in order to protect him I'd either have to have a Sword of War and Peace out or add in some Swiftfoot Boots.


Created a copy of this deck to test out any large scale changes. Currently I'm trying out 'mill.'
The Invisible Swords Mod 1


Decided to commit to something more mill based. Same old same old with the Invisible Stalker and Sword of Body and Mind, but then drop a Undead Alchemist to start making tokens. If they're still not close to decking out after another swing or two kill the Undead Alchemist and swing for win with all the zombie and wolf tokens you've created.


Major change. Dropped black in favor of more control and mill. Replaced Tormented Soul with Vault Skirge . Main reason for this switch was mana. I just never could get the mana base to work out nicely with 3 lands. By moving to 2 the deck ends up being more consistent which was a big problem during playtesting. Not to mention black was only in there for Tormented Soul and Distress two cards that either can be replaced or don't help the deck as much as I would have liked.

Anyway I'm trying to slim down my sb. I've lowered the Nevermore count from 3 to 2 and bumped the Revoke Existence count up to 4. I figure the Blades are still gonna be strong in the Innistrad meta and there's the new Heartless Summoning that seems to be a strong contender.


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