This budget Oathbreaker deck focuses on a 2-card infinite combo that generates infinite ETB Effects and infinite death triggers.

This deck hinges on a simple combo with Brood Monitor + Eldrazi Displacer .

Drop Eldrazi Displacer on your third or fourth turn, making sure to protect it using Lightning Greaves or something similar.

Next, a few turns later, play Brood Monitor . When Brood Monitor enters the battlefield, it generates 3 Eldrazi tokens. As soon as that happens, sacrifice them, using the mana to activate the ability of Eldrazi Displacer . Target Brood Monitor with the ability, blinking it and allowing for more tokens to be created. Repeat ad infinitum. Sacrificing the tokens from Brood Monitor will create infinite death triggers, while Brood Monitor entering the battlefield creates infinite ETB triggers. If you're rich, throw in a Doubling Season for infinite creatures and mana, too.

We have several permanents that trigger off of Brood Monitor entering the battlefield. Each of the permanents combos with Brood Monitor + Eldrazi Displacer in a different way.

Angelic Chorus and Leyline of Vitality give us infinite life.

Champion of Lambholt makes all of our creatures unblockable, and has infinite power.

Goldnight Commander and Cathars' Crusade give all of our creatures infinite power.

Mantle of Leadership can be flashed in on one of our unblocked creatures and pump that creature ad infinitum, allowing us to start our combo and take our opponent by surprise.

We also have a lot of permanents that trigger off of our Eldrazi tokens being sacrificed, which also combo differently with Brood Monitor + Eldrazi Displacer .

Ashes of the Abhorrent gives us infinite life, plus a bonus ability that might slow down our opponents.

Algae Gharial , Lumberknot , Rising Populace and Rot Shambler each will gain infinite power.

Requiem Angel will give us infinite tokens.

In addition to these many ways of going infinite, we have ways to protect our creatures and make them unblockable with Whispersilk Cloak , ways to recur them with Regrowth , and a lot of mana ramp to make sure we have the extra mana we need to protect them.


Because I am on a budget, most of the tools I use to protect my combo pieces involve shroud. Shroud makes it so the affected permanent can't be the target of ANYTHING. This means that if you give Brood Monitor shroud using, say, Aspect of Mongoose , you cannot target it with the ability on Eldrazi Displacer . Doing this with Lightning Greaves is alright, because you can remove Lightning Greaves for free, but anything else WILL screw up your combo.

My name is Jaelyn, and I am a new builder here on I was reintroduced to Magic: the Gathering by my friends back when Ixalan came out, and since then, I have challenged myself to make fun, competitive decks on a budget for myself and my friends. If you think I've done a good job with this deck, be sure to upvote it and check out my other Oathbreaker decks on my page! (RoseQuartz26)


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