Here I use artifacts and the incredible synergy between them to overpower the enemy:


As shown, the only financial concerns are Glimmervoid , Steel Overseer , Etched Champion and Master of Etherium but its a small investment for a really competitive deck using one of the most powerful archetypes in Modern. You can get the full deck (main and side boards) for around 70€ in MTG Cardmarket which is pretty cheap compared to most decks in the format. I usually play with my friends and a deck like this is more than enough for some fun wins

In the Maybeboard are a lot of cards I'm considering adding, but they will make the deck less budget


Updates Add

I added Springleaf Drum and Glimmervoid and removed basic lands. Now I only need Arcbound Ravager , Mox Opal and Inkmoth Nexus lol

Removed 2x Memnite , 1x Etched Champion and 1x Steel Overseer to make room for Vault Skirge

Removed Shrapnel Blast from mainboard to add Ensoul Artifact . Both spells are viable. It's a matter of preference and matchup



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