Hello everyone. I'm Control_Train and as I'm sure you guessed I mostly play control. I'm a college student majoring in math and I play control because I don't understand turning creatures sideways. I've never heard of red and you can't convince me it exists.

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Scepter could be good for sure! Slap a counterspell or something like Path on it. Tons of utility there. I’m still testing some things but that one is definitely on the list.

June 17, 2019 7:09 p.m.

Lolitafreak - Ink-Eyes is on my list of things to test currently; I'm not typically big on cards that are only useful if my opponent has something good, but being able to snag value creatures or even just regenerate itself seems useful enough that it could be included; as an aside, if you're in a graveyard heavy meta this might be one of the best cards you could run aside from Skullsnatcher

TeLaSoul - three mana to do what Sage Owl does seems unplayable, especially since I recently cut Sage Owl due to it's ability not justifying the mana cost

June 11, 2019 10:06 p.m.

Frewsax - Djeru's Resolve has uses for sure, I just don't personally like it.

HenryVape - I actually just cut Veilstone Amulet but haven't had time to update the changelog yet. Also yes, Oblation can be used on tokens as a double cantrip for three mana

jkpz28 - Mana Rocks > more lands

June 11, 2019 10:03 p.m.

Eyran - I cut Guttersnipe because it's too narrow and didn't do enough for me

Frewsax - Chandra's Ignition is good, but I don't personally like it so I'm not running it; I definitely see it's use, though; Formation is a really bad cantrip at 2 cmc and banding is not quite where I think I need to be with combat; Djeru's resolve is certainly good, but preventing damage is never going to match up with real protection or indestructibility

Modern Horizons update is here! Primer is getting updated as well as the Changelog, even if the list doesn't 100% reflect the new changes yet because of cards not being put in the database yet.

June 2, 2019 1:54 a.m.

Definitely not ignoring you guys, just been very busy with finals etc. I'll try not to miss anything in my reply.

Sol Ring, Greaves, and Seal are all fine additions. I don't personally like playing too many artifacts because in my meta I find myself using Bane of Progress a LOT, and having targets for it myself isn't great, with non-creature non-lands being the hardest things to recur in the deck, meaning that I won't get nearly as much value out of them as I'd like. Sylvan Safekeeper is my only direct protection for Meren, yea, but I've never run into a game where I couldn't cast my commander. The deck still functions without her, just a bit slower. I ran Seal for a long time, but after enough situations where I'm behind and needed an answer then and couldn't get it because I didn't have a way to draw a card after I used Seal, I cut it.

Prowling Serpopard is a must have for my meta; almost every deck I play against is blue and going turn 3 Snake into turn 4 Meren is an unbeatable line of play. It's certainly a flex slot, because if you aren't encountering counterspells in every single game you play it can be a dead card at times. Agent is getting cut for Modern Horizons, and since I added Bojuka Bog I do find that I don't need Agent as much. For a long time it felt necessary, but with Bog and the need for cuts, it's gotta go.

Destructor Dragon I haven't found the will to cut yet, despite being a bit overcosted as you say, but it gets around Torpor Orb, which is hugely relevant in my meta. With as much spot removal as I have though, it may be time to look at it getting cut. It has never felt bad to resolve or recur, but it could be better given the right thing to cut it for.

Savra is a lifesaver against aggro decks, and part of the reason I'm willing to run Chainer because he's pretty life intensive. Final Parting was a strict upgrade to Jarad's Orders, and has always pulled it's weight.

Living Plane/Minister of Pain is a fine set of cards to play, if that's where you want to go with the deck. That's a little too brutal for my meta, but by all means play it. You could cut Final Parting if it hasn't felt good for you, but it's always been a nice topdeck for me.

I used to run Mindslicer too, and may add it in again soon, it's just this card that produces very weird play patterns and is only really good when you're ahead on board, and win more cards aren't exactly what my deck needed. It's definitely playable and definitely powerful, though, so don't be afraid to test it.

Necrotic Ooze for me has always pulled it's weight, but again if something isn't working for you feel free to cut it. Ooze feels like a safety valve for me and has singlehandedly won me a game before when I couldn't stick Meren. Woodfall Primus also goes infinite with Mikeaus and I didn't want THAT easy of a win swimming around in my deck, because if it's there I'll use it.

Massacre Girl is an "Oh Shit" button for me. It's tutorable off of Hulk (which is huge) and it almost always just cleans the board up entirely. Losing your own Meren isn't ideal, obviously, but in that regard it's not different than Damnation. The tutorable, recurrable board wipe, especially with as many creatures up the toughness chain as I run, makes her at the very least a Toxic Deluge for 4-5 almost every time, even more depending on the matchup and board state. I've been in love with it, but if it isn't working for you feel free to cut it (as I'll say a lot lol.)

Soul of the Harvest was good, just not good enough for me. It's still a fine card to play. I just don't like it. 6 cmc isn't where I want my draw engines. Guardian Project was pretty good for me, but it just never felt good, so I cut it for that reason.

Garruk seems like a solid addition, especially with WAR in the format now, I just don't have a slot because I see almost zero planeswalkers in my playgroup(s). We have one superfriends deck, but a single Garruk isn't gonna stem that tide by itself. I'd almost run Elderspell at that point to ultimate Liliana faster but that might be a bit too gimmicky lol.

Kokusho seems like a solid card. I play against Kokusho a lot and it's amazing for other decks, so it should probably be good here too. I just don't see myself using it that much since I have Savra for life gain and other things for win conditions.

Glad Sheoldred has been working out for you! I've been testing it myself and haven't been ultimately overwhelmed, but I'm gonna give it some time to see if I can really start to see it shine.

Bazaar is probably fine in this deck, but I would definitely not go out of your way to spend whatever ungodly amount of money they cost these days to get one if you don't already own one. I don't ever see card disadvantage as useful, even if it's a good discard outlet.

What I tutor for every game is very different. I have to play to the board state, but if I had to guess it's probably Rec Sage or Bane of Progress because of the sheer amount of artifacts and enchantments I encounter in every game that HAVE to be answered. Plunderer for me generates way more mana than Sol Ring every could, and for that reason I personally wouldn't make that direct swap. I would say add Sol Ring if you want, but Plunderer generates an unfair amount of mana for me any time it hits the table, and for that reason I don't think I'll ever cut it unless they print something even more broken.

Krav for me is way too good to cut, because it's a sacrifice outlet AND a card draw engine in one. Soul of the Harvest is a fine card to play if you want to make that swap though.

June 1, 2019 10:40 a.m.

Said on Meren of Clan ......


I mean hey, I never tried to talk anyone out of playing Cradle lol. For me, it doesn't feel like it does enough with the way I play for the cash investment, since I already have enough mana generation in the deck anyways. I also have a higher need for black mana than green, so a large amount of green mana isn't always that useful. If you have a Cradle and want to play it then it's probably an upgrade to a forest. Almost any deck that can play Cradle should, in theory, I just don't have the money to drop on it and I don't feel like I need it.

June 1, 2019 10:18 a.m.


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