Palisade Giant


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Rare

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Palisade Giant

Creature — Giant Soldier

All damage that would be dealt to you or another permanent you control is dealt to Palisade Giant instead.

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Palisade Giant Discussion

DPenguin22 on Life's A Fillet 'O Fish

1 month ago

I changed my mind on a couple of things here.

1) I decided to use Tana, the Bloodsower + Tymna the Weaver for my commanders instead of Saskia the Unyielding. I think that they help the deck more than Saskia does, but Saskia can still be a member of the 98 since she's so cool.

2) I decided to take out Palisade Giant and Protector of the Crown to make room for Hornet Nest and other creatures that do cool things when damage is redirected their way. Obviously, that means we need more cards that can protect out creatures, so I threw in Indestructibility and Shielded by Faith.

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on f.r.i.e.n.d.s

1 month ago

Dawn Charm? Palisade Giant with some indestructible or darksteel? It will help protect all of your planeswalkers from redirected burn and attack targets. "you have hexproof" also helps with redirected burn.

clayperce on Weenies Who Smile At Death

2 months ago

Thanks Argy!

First, congrats on your 1st built-from-scratch EDH deck! Too cool!!!

I've actually never built a reanimator/toolbox style deck, so I'm not sure my inputs are going to be much help! Nevertheless, I'll take a shot ...

I always try to think about what the Commander would want, and give comments accordingly ...

  • Seems like Alesha really wants to be able to attack without fear. You've already got Palisade Giant (which is great for that), but cards like Reconnaissance, Maze of Ith (unfortunately kind of pricey), and Fanatical Devotion might be worth the slots too. By the way, you can use Reconnaissance at the End of Combat step even if Alesha (or whoever) connected for combat damage, untapping her for a Vigilance effect. Another approach would be Unblockable effects, It may not be as good, since Alesha isn't much of a Voltron Commander, but cards like Rogue's Passage, Trailblazer's Boots, Whispersilk Cloak, and Spirit Mantle might be worth the slots.
  • I think she would also really enjoy punishing decks with high-power Creatures, and would appreciate cards like Dusk / Dawn and Big Game Hunter.
  • Figuring out what to pull out is always SUPER-difficult, so when it comes to a choice, I'll always go with what I think the Commander would prefer. Sunforger for example, is generally a GREAT card. But I imagine Alesha looking at it, and going "It doesn't get Creatures into my Graveyard or help me pull them out ... why do I want this?" Along those lines, I would not pull any Creatures for the Sorceries/Enchantments/Artifacts I mentioned above. And when deciding between Creatures, I think she would definitely lean towards those with Sac' or ETB effects. I'm not sure what she'd think about Combat Celebrant by the way. She'd be irritated the power is too high for her to reanimate, but she'd love the extra attack step ... you know Alesha better WAY than me, so you may already know how she'd feel about it :-)

A few other resources:

Good luck (and good skill!) with the brew!

DrukenReaps on Balancing Fun & Competitiveness

3 months ago

I'm a Johnny, Combo Player but I've run into the same issue because I had one play group where I didn't really care if they whined about my combos. I moved onto a play group where I like everyone and now it isn't as fun if I pull out a silly combo early in the game. I much prefer for the games to go long so I can actually have fun with my friends. It has been interesting finding combos that take longer while still being decent enough to win once in awhile.

Profet93 I found pillow fort decks can be powerful while not giving your opponents much to whine about. You can play stupid stuff like Palisade Giant + Darksteel Plate and then go about your business of setting things up. No one really seems to complain even though it is effectively the same as a proactive control strategy. Why counter things when they cant hurt you anyways? A more competitive version of the same idea is aikido where you use funny things like Comeuppance.

Immortalized on Hanna, the Pillow Fort Builder

4 months ago

anyway, a mix of effects like Indestructibility, Gift of Immortality and Ghostly Possession on things like Palisade Giant. Pariah also works like a charm. Don't underestimate Gift of Immortality on Children of Korlis either.

DrukenReaps on My Mackenzie Deck

4 months ago

My Queen Marchesa deck Divine Decree is all about being annoying for as long as possible and wins on occasion. Palisade Giant + indestructible effect or something else to keep it ticking is one of my stronger synergies. Ajani Steadfast emblem if you can get it out is ridiculous and worth the attempt. Pariah and Pariah's Shield are decent, I dropped pariah since it wasnt as strong for me but should be prefect for you. Worship is often underestimated, you could grab Lifeline for laughs too. Platinum Emperion protects from life loss and other than "I can't lose" cards is the only card that does. Mageta the Lion is probably the card that gets the most groans from my deck, actually probably the card that gets the most groans in my decade or so of playing.

CaesarSalad on Planswalker protection combo?

5 months ago

Give Palisade Giant an Indestructibility... that is all I can come up with. However the combo will work almost always, even if you don't have Gideon, so it really shouldn't count

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