Hammerfist Giant


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Hammerfist Giant

Creature — Giant Warrior

: Hammerfist Giant deals 4 damage to each creature without flying and each player.

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Hammerfist Giant Discussion

AkaAkuma on Slow Deck... Any help?

2 months ago

You should add manarocks man! A simple Coldsteel Heart and Basalt Monolith do wonders for a turn 4 Gisela. Also Gilded Lotus or a Fellwar Stone.. And a Sol Ring has never hurt any commander deck.

I am also missing all the Gisela staples. Hammerfist Giant, Malignus and Heartless Hidetsugu. A simple and cheap Temur Battle Rage can let Gisela hit for 20 cmdr!

While Gisela is very diverse as a commander, in my own version I explain a few combinations: Boros | Gisela Teaches The Times Tables

Vilhelm on Kale Men

8 months ago

I thought you decided to not include Relic Seeker because it wouldn't be able to get though? Dawnglare Invoker isn't very good, in most cases you'll use it, it's just an overcosted rogue's passage on your commander, Key to the City in the new set is good, Hammerfist Giant is questionable, its ability will hit almost everything you have and possibly not everything your opponents have, consider a better board wipe if you need it, consider a better giant if you need that instead - this applies to Earthquake as well - maybe some good old DoJ and the like? I would use Open the Armory and upgrade to a better card like Stonehewer Giant instead of Steelshaper's Gift. For more synergy with Open the Armory, you could put in any of these op auras such as Squee's Embrace, Dragon Breath, Flickering Ward, Scourge of the Nobilis, or Unquestioned Authority, and for a cooky use of the aura tutor: Chained to the Rocks ( i would put the last one in regardless of any other changes).

GodsRightBoot on

1 year ago

This deck has the potential to be pretty devastating. With the commander you have I would go a bit more tribal than you have it right now. More giants more fun.

Boldwyr Intimidator For 1 red mana target creature cant block him, so he is a free hit if your opponent has only one creature out.

Giant Harbinger Giant creature that is a giant tutor, go grab Stinkdrinker Daredevil and your giants are cheaper.

Hammerfist Giant 4 damage is great for getting rid of a lot of opponents creatures, very good for going against token decks. However you would need to equip him with something that raises his toughness or he would kill himself.

Pharagax Giant Either he comes into the battlefield as a 5/5 or he does 5 damage to each opponent, its a win win for you.

Sentinel of the Eternal Watch Tough creature with vigilance with a control element.

Bearer of the Heavens A little more costly to get out but when you do he is a 10/10 that people dont want to get rid of.

I would also suggest things to make your giants attack more or do more damage.

Fury of the Horde Extra attack phase and cheap if you have 2 red cards in your hand you dont want to use.

Warstorm Surge Any creature coming in under your control deals damage to your opponent.

Relentless Assault Again an extra attack phase for relatively cheap.

Savage Beating 5 mana to give your creatures double strike or have an extra combat phase OR 7 mana to do both effectively making your giants do quadruple the amount of damage. This card is a late game winner.

Seize the Day Another card to give you an extra combat phase.

Waves of Aggression Extra combat phase that you can play again from the graveyard with the extra cost of discarding a land.

World at War Extra combat phase that you can use again next turn without paying its mana cost.

Berserkers' Onslaught Gives your giants double strike.

Rage Reflection Gives double strike.

Fireshrieker Equipment that gives a creature double strike.

Tribal cards are good if you want to go this route as well.

Feudkiller's Verdict Gain 10 life and get a 5/5 giant token if you have more life than your opponent.

Crush Underfoot A good way of having your big giants do more damage.

Giant's Ire Deals damage and as long as you have a giant out you draw a card.

Cards I would take out.

Godo, Bandit Warlord While it is a good card, youre not getting its benefit. If you attack and use his ability you cant untap anything because you have no samurai, and Stonehewer Giant takes care of getting equipment.

Magus of the Wheel You should be able to use anything in your hand so discarding your hand isnt all that great.

Oreskos Explorer With the amount of ramp you already have I cant see you being able to use this much.

Apostle's Blessing Gods Willing Shelter You dont need all the protection and replacing it with damage amplifiers will help win.

Daedalus19876 on

1 year ago

I've never seen Giant tribal EDH before, honestly, but here's what help I can give you. Cryptic Gateway and Belbe's Portal seem helpful here (the latter even more than the former), and there's an astonishing lack of Brion Stoutarm in your decklist. Awaken the Ancient also might be in theme. In terms of generically good RW cards, I've always been a fan of Chained to the Rocks. Feudkiller's Verdict also seems like fun. Considering the number of large creatures you have, Hammerfist Giant might do work here. If you're looking for an inferior complement to Urza's Incubator, you might always look into Semblance Anvil or Cloud Key (to help you cast those giant earlier). For the same purpose, there's always Mana Flare.

SereneWings on Heaven Will Be Your New Hell

1 year ago

My first suggestion would be to look at the curve. While EDH is not a normal constructed format, dominating your deck with a ton of cards at a single point on the curve still isn't a great idea. You want a variety of casting cost cards so you use your mana as efficiently as possible every turn. BUT since this is EDH we may even add more expensive cards than the ones we took out. It's all about mana efficiency.

The weakest cards I'd consider here are Sentinel of the Eternal Watch, Aegis Angel, Jareth, Leonine Titan Hammerfist Giant and Soul of Theros. Most of these aren't Angels, so this keeps the Angel count high for your tribal theme. In general though there are other things this deck wants to spend its mana on than these guys.

Now, to add some cards in. Avacyn, Angel of Hope is a second copy of Darksteel Forge for some of your combos. Weathered Wayfarer will find lands early on, and this deck definitely wants to make its land drops. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx will generate a ton of white mana from all your angels, ring variants, etc. Akroma, Angel of Fury: You've got her twin, so you might as well run this one too, plus she has the added benefit of being morphed if you need an early play. Lastly since you seem to enjoy your combos, why don't we add the Ring of Three Wishes to find them.

Fall of the Hammer in general isn't a very strong removal spell, as you have to have another creature in play to use it. We can run your Idyllic Tutor instead to as it effectively doubles as better removal in the form of a ring effect or a combo piece.

I'd also swap Austere Command for Planar Cleansing. You run a lot of artifacts and enchantments that you want to stick around, and you can always mode the command to hurt you as little as possible.

hideousman on Giant Tossing

1 year ago

O.k. I made some updates spurred on by the Commander 2015 pre-con Wade into Battle. I took out a bunch of stuff and added the following:

I'm pretty set on keeping the deck Giant tribal. So with that in mind, I upped the number of giants in the deck. There are definitely more powerful creatures I can put in the deck in their place, but sometimes it's fun to force yourself to play with different cards, not just so you can have a home fore cards that might never find a home in any other deck, but as a deck-building exercise as well.

The deck also has an equipment/Sunforger element. The Sunforger package is as follows:

I'm probably going to switch out Faith's Reward for Chaos Warp. Faith's Reward just never really does anything that useful in this deck. Wraths--which are are a big problem for a deck this creature based/reliant--are usually sorcery speed. If an opponent kills all my dudes with a wrath, I don't get to have a guy equipped with Sunforger who can tutor up Faith's Reward in order to blank the wrath, since Faith's reward is an instant and will resolve before the wrath spell. Chaos Warp will at least help me to get rid of a problem permanent. I'm running Aura Blast instead of a card like Orim's Thunder due it's being a cantrip. I've tried to add as much card advantage to this deck as possible, in order to offset the main weakness of this deck's color combination. Into the Core is here instead of Return to Dust due to the meta of my friend's decks. If i was going to take this to the local shop I would probably switch Into the Core for Return to Dust.

As for my choices in equipment, I've tried to pick equipment that has synergy with big creatures and the deck's commander. I haven't added any of the swords because this deck doesn't really rely on getting through on combat damage. It's pretty easy to chump block a lot of my attackers, but cards like Argentum Armor negate that problem by adding value. Loxodon Warhammer helps with that problem by granting trample. Empyrial Plate is cheap to play and equip, can help pump an already large threat even bigger. Usually, since my threats are so expensive to cast, I will have a decent grip of cards. So in a way Empyrial Plate helps to turn the slowness of my deck into an advantage.

Wheel affects are in the deck to help me refill my hand if I manage to run out of cards. Land Tax and Scroll Rack help to thin out the deck and turn extra cards into new cards. Sunforger, Stonehewer Giant, Hoarding Dragon, Oreskos Explorer, Solemn Simulacrum and Pilgrim's Eye also help to shuffle the deck to make Scroll Rack better.

Besides some of the aformention ramp cards, like Solemn and Oreskos Explorer, Urza's Incubator acts like psuedo ramp by making my giant creature spells cost less. Puresteel Paladin acts sort of like ramp, by making my equip costs 0 when I have metalcraft. It also draws me some cards here and there, which is very welcome in this color combination.