Defend the hearth, Palisade Giant, Protection interaction

Asked by dragonchild2994 5 years ago

okay so i have on field a Palisade Giant my opponent attacks me with a Kalonian Hydra for ALOT, i used Defend the Hearth what happens to my Palisade Giant ??

alternatively if i enchanted it with a Holy Mantle what would of happened?

Goofball says... Accepted answer #1

For the Defend the Hearth : Provided the hydra goes unblocked, no damage will ever occur, as it is prevented.

As for the Holy Mantle the protection portion should kick in and prevent the damage whether or not the Palisade Giant blocks, as the source of the damage (even redirected) is still a creature..

June 1, 2014 7:30 p.m.

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