Richard Garfield, Ph.D.


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Unhinged Rare

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Richard Garfield, Ph.D.

Legendary Creature — Human Designer

You may play cards as though they were other Magic cards of your choice with the same mana cost. (Mana cost includes color.) You can't choose the same card twice.

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Richard Garfield, Ph.D. Discussion

The_Redpill on Card creation challenge

1 week ago

Good Ass

Creature - Donkey Knight

, say something nice about your opponent: Regenerate Good Ass.

1/3 1/2

Make a card for Rosewater a la Richard Garfield, Ph.D.

tristanishappy on Magic? I'll just play Checkers...

2 months ago

You can't use multiple Ancestral Recalls or Time Walks because you can only use each card once according to Richard Garfield, Ph.D.'s text ("You can't choose the same card twice.") Also Mana cost includes color, so no Vampire Hexmage. Other than that I like the deck and I hope your friends let you play with it! :D

Rzepkanut on Richard Garfield EDH Help

2 months ago

The card Richard Garfield, Ph.D. literally just let's you play an old variant called "mental magic" that we used to play at card shops in the 90's. In addition to the Richard card's ability, in that variant any card can be played face down instead and it would be a City of Brass that didn't hurt. Playing mental magic was always like an unending war of counterspells and cantrips. The big difference from that variant is that when your commander isn't out the cards are actually what they say they are. I would start with a basic shell of effects that just draws cards and builds up your mana so you can get the doctor down asap. I think I would probably make a short list of favorite cards for each casting cost. Cards that control, cards that draw, that make infinite mana. Maybe if its organized somewhat you should be able to move quickly enough to keep folks from bitching while you think of a card to win with. If you have a great memory you can just learn some combos that do crazy stuff and pick a different one each time. I suppose you should try and research combos you want to include and find budget cards that don't suck with the same casting cost. Good luck, I'd love to see what you come up with. If you think of sharing it with me I'll give you more feedback. Happy gathering!

vbfabled on Richard Garfield EDH Help

2 months ago

I want to build a joke EDH deck around Richard Garfield, Ph.D. and honestly I'm not too sure what to do with it. I know I want to use it as the ultimate budget deck, using things like Ornithopter and turning them into Lotus Bloom and things like that, but I'm not sure what all cards I should put in and what they should be able to turn into. Any suggestions are appreciated!

PhotogenicParasympathetic on [Community Discussion]: Historical Playgroup

10 months ago

I feel like Terry Pratchet would get a kick out of mono-red chaos Norin the Wary. The ineffectiveness of the commander that somehow ends up actually being not just useful but actually devastating... Seems like his kind of humor.

Douglas Adams would play Richard Garfield, Ph.D.. Obviously.

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