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A Mono Black Zombies deck using the Dredge mechanic to exploit crazy synergies, and build an insurmountable boardstate.

As I pointed out in my comment with Balaam__ my goal was to have a bunch of cool Zombies and Zombie-oriented Dragons. My goal is accomplished by exploiting the Dredge mechanic to retrieve a bunch of Zombies from my graveyard.

The Dredge mechanic is not traditionally something I would use. In fact, this was the first deck I built specifically focusing on the mechanic. Prior to this, I had only heard/seen this type of thing in a Manaless Dredge deck.

The cards I initially thought of for Dredge were:

All noteworthy, but didn't quite give me a focal point; in comes the interaction of Shadow of the Grave and Zombie Infestation.

By dumping hand into the enchantment, you then fetch hand back with Shadow of the Grave and net a few bodies. Next, one of a few things:

August 2022: Recently received feedback from Balaam__ and going to be including a more in depth description soon.

Jund Wins


Formerly, I have used the following for synergy reasons:

And then more recently these for competitive purposes:

And there's no reason you can't too. No single one of these cards is crazy expensive and all of them do crazy cool things with the benefit that Zombie Infestation just happens to be another outlet. Plenty of cards from the Amonkhet blocks support this type of build while still being on point for theme:

And then the mention of higher end meta, we know Liliana of the Veil is returning to standard rotation, so buckle up. Endling also comes to mind.

Gruesome Ghasts


In my favorite way to splash with Black as the main color, green offers the following:

This is personally one of my favorite ways to do this because I can combo the best elements of Dredge and Dredge-similar mechanics to succeed.


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