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(Retired standard deck from INN/RTR)

Basic theme of the deck is to get out a sorin and pop his emblem, play a master biomancer and then pump out spirit tokens via lingering souls, they'll enter with three +1/+1 counters, and also get beefed by sorins emblem making the spirit tokens 5/4 flyers. If at any point that plan isn't working out, drop a thrag and blink it with resto, If that doesn't go right, there's obzedat, and if he's hiding in the deck pop a sphinx's revelation and find him. Then Aetherling can jump in at any point and just steal the game.

deck list:

Centaur Healer made the tough choice to board out some saint traft for 2x centaur healers, it made a real difference at the next Fnm I entered.

Master Biomancer this guy will make my lingering souls outrageously over powered, and sorins emblem makes this even crazier.

Thragtusk I really like being able to board wipe with a 3/3 rebate, that's never a bad deal.

Restoration Angel if there's green there's swagtusk, if he's around, resto's not far behind.

Obzedat, Ghost Council one of those situations where if gone unanswered it wins you the game. Hard to cast but well worth it.

AEtherling he really is an amazing card. With this master biomancer set I can bounce aether on command getting the maximum benefit from the biomancers.

Farseek ramp, color lording.

Blind Obedience excellent card and should be mainboard in any FNM deck.

Lingering Souls yet another staple gem, putting in work everytime its drawn.

Detention Sphere nothing like solid spot removal.

Supreme Verdict essential to maintaining board control,*see thragtusk.

Sphinx's Revelation another essential component in the mix, the card draw always provides answers, and the lifegain always buys you time.

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad emblem works great with lingering souls spirit tokens constantly being produced, and thragtusk+token, and Geist with angel token, and sorins vamp token, I've thought about adding Intangible Virtue. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.


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Played against a weaker opponent and managed to play turn 3 sorin, pop emblem, turn 4 another sorin pop another emblem, then master biomancer, make a sorin vamp token, play a thragtusk,and another biomancer and a resto, then another resto. Both biomancer out and then binking them back an forth, it was nuts, the 2nd resto entered with +20/+20 plus another two from sorins emblems.

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