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Golgari Pestilence (Rivals of Ixalan)

Pauper* BG (Golgari) Midrange



Hello! Here is my take on the B/W Pestilence deck that we are seeing more and more...

Instead of White, I play green for a lot of life gain, artifact and enchantment removal, card draw, bringing back creature from the graveyard and land fetch/mana fixing. I use black as the other main color for Pestilence (of course), removals and card draw. Finally, I use 2 Gray Merchant of Asphodeland 3 Pestilence as finishers. High toughness creatures (Disowned Ancestor and Penumbra Spider ensure that Pestilence stay on the board.

So far, I have success against other control or midrange deck. I have trouble against the fastest aggro deck.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed!



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This deck is Pauper legal.

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