This is a Spirit Tribal deck that I’ve been working on for a while. Main focus is bringing out spirits, pumping them up with Drogskol Captain or Always Watching and doing all kinds of spooky things with them.

The stars of the show are definitely Geist of Saint Traft for crazy damage, Bygone Bishop to help draw cards with the Investigate mechanism, and Rattlechains to provide temporary hexproofing and allow me to flash in my other spirits at any time.

Having some issues with creature removal and recovering from board wipes/direct damage/burn spells.

UPDATE: As much as I liked Essence Flux as a good way to flicker my spirits and give them a boost, I found that I wasn’t using them as much. They’ve been moved to the sideboard for now. Supreme Phantom and Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit have been added to beef up my spirits.

I’ve since bought a playset of Mausoleum Wanderer s and have been using them instead of the Mana Leak s that were previously there (although, I have no way of countering creatures, so Mana Leak is now in the sideboard). Also, Think Twice has been replaced by Chart a Course while Bygone Bishop is still there for draw advantage with the clue artifacts.


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