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I've been working on creating a powerful mono-white tribal angel deck from cards in my collection. Let me know what you think! The strategy is to utilize cards like Path to Exile to keep the field clear of threats and Oblivion Ring to deal with the ones that those dont affect. Knight of the White Orchid synergies well with Path to Exile because it will ensure they have more lands than you. If you are really hurting for mana you can blink Knight of the White Orchid with Otherworldly Journey and even Path to Exile it!Then to pull Quicksilver Amulet to drop your big angels. Otherworldly Journey and Defy Death are for anti-removal. Otherworldly Journey is not only great to blink your angels to prevent them from being killed, but also works well with Sunblast Angel , Wall of Omens, Archangel Avacyn   and even Angel of Serenity if you want to choose new targets. Emancipation Angel also enables you to do this. Some fun things to do are to drop one of the Avacyns and then a Day of Judgment, leaving your board untouched. Any suggestions are welcome.


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Removed 2 Serra Avenger because it felt like a dead draw more often than not. Replaced with 2 Knight of the White Orchid for ramp. Also removed 1 Wall of Omens for another knight.


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