MTG Combo: Flash + Protean Hulk


DuTogira on What is the best commander …

1 year ago

1) You're asking the wrong question here. A true T0 cEDH deck isn't built around having the commander(s) in play. It's a consistent deck that can win games by turn 2, and consistently by turn 3 if undisrupted. The commander simply adds a level of consistency, whether by tutoring for win-cons or by themselves being a piece of the winning combo.
2) In cEDH, everything has elements of control and combo, even stax. Permission and "I win" buttons are too powerful to ignore.

The real question you should be asking is "What's the simplest, most difficult to disrupt, and consistent game winning combination of cards available within the EDH pool?" Before the flash ban it was Flash + Protean Hulk because it was a 2 mana, 2 card, instant speed win-con. Because it was in U/G, Thrasios, Triton Hero (+ partner) and Tatyova, Benthic Druid were largely considered to be the strongest commanders. Thrasios + Tymna were largely considered to be the best, because their colors provided more tutors, combo outlets, and thrasios provided an infinite mana outlet to make the combo more robust. Note that the T0 commanders are selected based on how well they enable the combo, not the other way around.

Honestly I don't pay that close of attention to the cEDH scene, so I'm not sure what the "best" game winning combo is. Find that combo, and you'll quickly find your answer of what the "best" commander is.

Zumaster on Mill Me Food Chain

1 year ago

I plan to write a primer for the deck soon, but list isn't quite finalized yet. The deck has several winning combos and the idea is to assemble one as quick as possible and be able to easily pivot strategies based on your opponents.

The main idea is that once the entire deck is milled either using Hermit Druid or Eternal Scourge + Food Chain mana to cast Sidisi, Brood Tyrant infinite times, flashback Dread Return to get Necrotic Ooze or Thassa's Oracle to win the game. You can also get back Eternal Witness returning Walking Ballista to hand and cast that for .

As a backup combo there are also two Flash + Protean Hulk lines. One of them gets a hasty Hermit Druid to win as previously mentioned and the other wins with Demonic Consultation + Thassa's Oracle .

If all else fails. Zombie Beats!

Klaive on Najeelia Bladelia

1 year ago

I think your running a land or two short and Evasive Action is a bad card in this list, if you are only running 1 basic; Spell Snare why, why, why. Gemstone Caverns is also a dead draw in this deck, I'd only run it if you are on a Flash + Protean Hulk combo plan.

Mr9Loganja on rash decisions

2 years ago

update: I decided to go Flash + Protean Hulk for Grand Architect + Pili-Pala or for Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle and Baral, Chief of Compliance

order was put in, waiting for cards to ship. will update the list when they come in

matkomtg on The Thing With the Strange Appetite (Apart)

2 years ago

The Mimeoplasm is so flexible it’s insane! You want to go full reanimator for sure; most common thing you can see is copying an infect creature for it’s abilities (e.g. Blighted Agent) and 10+ body creature so you can take out one person in a single turn. You can also go with some kind of ETB shenanigans or combo build with Flash + Protean Hulk and razaketh, the foulblooded that allows you to abuse his ability and reanimate your fellows for extra shenanigans.

Lokust on

2 years ago

Main wincon:

Flash + Protean Hulk to get Karmic Guide and Carrion Feeder. Use Karmic Guide to bring back Protean Hulk and sacrifice it to the Carrion Feeder search libary for Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker tap him to copy Karmic Guide while effect is on the stack sacrifice Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker to Carrion Feeder now use the steak to bring Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker back to the battlefield and repeat untill you can swing in and kill the opponent(s)

Savage1988 on Muldrotha, Tides of Madness

2 years ago


Cheers! (Though you didn’t +1 yet ;)) i’m definitely going to try Night Incarnate, great addition i think. I think High Market is unnecessary with the two altars i’m already running? Or is there a particular reason to run it? Command Beacon is definitely on my wants list already, just not finding anyone to trade with though. I might cut Dreamborn Muse/Bounty of the Luxa/Courser of Kruphix i think.


Thanks for upvoting and commenting. Lots of new things i hadn’t come across yet. Flash + Protean Hulk is new to me, can you explain how it would work? Mindslicer seems mean as hell, especially after a Cyclonic Rift. Birthing Pod could work but i’m unsure whether it would require me to twist my deck too much. Buried Alive is a nice cheap replacement for Intuition i suppose, and i’m running more reanimation than i thought i was.

All in all some great suggestions and i’m likely to pick up some of them, cheers to both of you.

CaptainBamboo on

3 years ago


Nice! I've had a lot of fun playtesting Thrasios/Tymna and its fun when you get those lucky turn 1 and 2 combos with Flash + Protean Hulk . Good luck on your tourney!