Vengeful Dreams

Vengeful Dreams


As an additional cost to play Vengeful Dreams, discard X cards.

Remove X target attacking creatures from the game.

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Set Rarity
Torment (TOR) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Vengeful Dreams Discussion

Kogarashi on Who's card gets exiled

1 month ago

If the card specifies creatures that you control, or your opponent controls, then you may only target creatures that fit those requirements. If it doesn't specify, then you can target any creature that doesn't have something preventing you from targeting it (hexproof, shroud, protection), regardless of who controls it.

For example:

Eerie Interlude says "exile any number of target creatures you control." This means you can't exile your opponent's creatures, or even your own teammate's creatures in a Two-Headed Giant game.

Vengeful Dreams says (in its Oracle text) "exile X target attacking creatures." This means you can only exile creatures that are attacking.

Curse of the Swine doesn't specify the condition of the creatures you can target with it, so as long as the creature is targetable, you can target it, regardless of who controls it.

In the case of cards like Curse of the Swine that give you tokens in exchange, then per the card's text, for each creature that was exiled, its controller (at the time it was exiled) creates a 2/2 green Boar token. So if you exile one of your cards and one of your opponent's, you would each get a token.

StopShot on Commander format pet cards

10 months ago

Vengeful Dreams - Massive blowout card. People actually check to see if I have two Plains untapped during combat as if it's the white equivalent of Counterspell . The payout can be pretty severe, but it leaves a big impression on anyone who turns their board-state sideways at you. I don't see Vengeful Dreams come up most games, but everyone in my playgroup now plays as if I potentially have it in hand.

Seal of Cleansing - With Disenchant you surprise someone and take away something powerful from them. In a multiplayer game you just leave the seal out and the other three opponents sit on their best artifacts and enchantments in hand, because they don't want to lose it to the seal. Having one card impact the entire table over a span of the game versus the single 1-for-1 interaction you get from Disenchant is huge.

Some cards are very simple in their effects, but a lot of people tend to over look the potential mind games that can be had like with these cards, because that advantage isn't explicitly written on the card.

StopShot on Kitchen Table Alesha [RETIRED]

2 years ago

Lightning Axe, Sinister Concoction, and Vengeful Dreams.

Budget, cheap removal, and gets stuff in the graveyard easily.

StopShot on Alesha - Death? Bring It!

2 years ago

I've been seeing a lot of Alesha decks due to that video. I've had my own for ages, so I can make a couple of recommendations to add more to this deck.

Lands: Geier Reach Sanitarium, good for putting creatures in the graveyard. Ash Barrens, I love this card, because it can color-fix for you and whatever color you choose you can have it enter the battlefield untapped meaning you can use it right away. Maze of Ith, Though it doesn't produce mana you can tap it to stop a big massive stompy creature from smashing into you or you can target your commander so once you've activated the attack trigger you can prevent any damage dealt to it if your opponents all have massive blockers.

Creatures: Big Game Hunter, Intrepid Hero since they remover creatures that are more massive than your commander. BGH works right away while IH given some time can become repeatable removal. Vulturous Aven can give you repeatable card draw. Grenzo, Havoc Raiser can cause shenanigans for your opponents forcing them to swing their massive stompy creatures at your other opponents causing forced trades or force their smaller important creatures into attacking into another opponent's massive blockers effectively killing it. He also provides some card value if you choose to exile cards instead. Balefire Liege also works in fiving your creatures a buff while messing with your opponent's life totals and increasing your own. Peacekeeper is also nice since it can keep your opponent's from attacking and is recurable.

Artifacts: Rakdos Signet, Orzhov Signet, Boros Signet, If you find yourself needing more ramp these can be very helpful. If you want another Goblin Bombardment I'd recommend Blasting Station, since most loops will return the creature after being sacrificed it will untap the Blasting Station so inifinite sacrifices are still possible with it. Noetic Scales Considering most of your creatures will be smaller than your opponents the scales will likely effect your opponents more causing them to bounce and recast their creatures, and it can remove potential blockers. So long as you have 3 or more cards in hand it will never backfire on you.

Enchantments: Animate Dead, Surprisingly you missed a combo. If Leonin Relic-Warder is in your graveyard and you have Goblin Bombardment on the battlefield you can use Animate Dead to bring back the Relic Warder. Relic Warder then exiles Animate Dead. Since Animate Dead leaves the battlefield a sacrifice trigger for the Leonin Relic Warder is put on the stack. While its on the stack and before the Leonin Relic Warder has been sacrificed you can instead sacrifice the relic warder with Goblin Bombardment dealing 1 damage to an opponent. Relic Warder leaves the battlefield returning Animate Dead back onto the battlefield from exile. You can then target the Leonin Relic Warder with it and repeat the process all over again. Dance of the Dead also works as an alternative to Animate Dead. Break Through the Line is utterly evil with Master of Cruelties since it can give him haste and you can give him unblockable before blockers are declared. Phyrexian Arena is also a helpful card since it can give you additional draws on each of your turns. Sinister Concoction allows you to discard a creature card while removing an opponent's creature.

Instants: Path to Exile is a handy creature removal spell. Vengeful Dreams is also a handy removal spell since it allows you to discard creature cards to exile your opponents attacking creatures. Lightning Axe can also allow you to discard a creature to remove a creature as well, but this time at any time. Anguished Unmaking, Chaos Warp, Both are handy permanent removal spells you can run in your colors. Abolish, this card can be a free-cost card if you have a Plains in hand since it can removal an opponents artifact or enchantment when they think you're tapped out. Argivian Find is also useful in case one of your opponents destroys one of your artifacts or enchantments you use in your combos you can return it back to your hand.

Sorceries: Buried Alive is a useful tutor that allows you to put any three of your creature cards from your library into your graveyard. Day of Judgment, Blasphemous Act, Chain Reaction, are all effective boardwipes you can use. Demonic Tutor is also a good tutor effect since it costs less than Diabolic Tutor. Gamble is another fun tutor spell to use and given your odds the more cards you have in hand the less chances it will force you to discard something important. Do or Die is another deliciously vicious card you can also use since it can cut your opponents boardstate in half.

Pal00ka on Sram Equipment Combo

3 years ago

I really like the list! May try to make it more budget friendly but great starting point.

Play-tested a bit on here and a few thoughts for when/if I make this:

Less lands because when you flood out is when the combo ends.

Your hand becomes huge due to your draw (especially with Puresteel present) so discard outlets could be handy, which there is a dearth of in white and colorless. Nonetheless Solitary Confinement and Vengeful Dreams for protection in a voltron build. Key to the City and Medicine Bag to preserve the voltron focus.

YmPrat on Odric, LM Myr Tribal EDH

3 years ago

Add Darksteel Forge you're running too many artifacts to let something like Fracturing Gust wipe out your entire deck.

Given the tribal nature of the deck, and the difficulties of doing well in a mono-colored tribal deck, you should consider something like Mimic Vat it's still an artifact so it fits with the artifacts matter bit of the deck.

Since so much of your deck is colorless putting in an All Is Dust makes a lot of sense too. Martyr's Bond should go in this deck. If someone wants to deal with one of your creatures they can suffer the consequences of having to lose something of theirs.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is just a good card, but it also has vigilance. It's an often forgotten part of the card, but the buff and providing vigilance to all of your creatures could be useful.

Consider swapping one of your wrath effects for an Austere Command you have very little enchantment removal, almost no enchantments, and it provides you with a conditional boardwipe.

Erase isn't bad, but have you considered running Revoke Existence instead? For an additional mana and giving up instant speed you get the ability to choose to nail an artifact instead.

Cut Holy Day from the deck, a fog effect isn't going to do much towards saving you, and you already have Dawn Charm which can do other (albeit limited) things.While you're at it, cut Soul Nova it's overcosted for what it does.Thought Vessel should go too, it's not efficient ramp and your deck isn't going to be drawing enough cards to justify running it.Mask of Avacyn is nice, but you need to make more room and it's borderline at best.Basalt Monolith falls to the same issue. It can provide a nice early advantage, but only for one turn. After that it's just a 3 mana mana bank.I'm not sure what use you're intending to get out of Rings of Brighthearth but unless you're running lands that combo with it I would consider cutting it. It doesn't interact in insane ways with many of the cards in your deck, and if it does and I'm missing it then you aren't running enough tutors to fetch it.Definitely remove Vengeful Dreams, keeping your hand full of cards is very difficult to do in mono-white, especially without either Land Tax or Mind's Eye.Thousand-Year Elixir doesn't actually provide haste, so it doesn't synergize with your commander at all. Unless you see needing the abilities of several of your creatures right away I'd cut it.Scour from Existence has a very high mana cost for the ability it provides. If you still need more cards to cut consider removing it.

CharybdisV on Helm-Smashing! CombatControl.dec

4 years ago

Nickosis Absolutely! I super appreciate all ideas for the deck haha, and I can totally be wrong too. Riverdare recommended True Conviction, which I just saw as win-more, and after adding it in I can safely say I was not correct. The double strike/lifelink really helps me out when I inevitably overextend and leave myself open for some nasty attacks.

War's Toll would be phenomenal for this deck, if only that last bit about mana wasn't in there :( It makes Spear of Heliod, Comeuppance, Deflecting Palm, Vengeful Dreams, Wing Shards, Master Warcraft, Sunforger, Brutal Hordechief, Rage Nimbus, etc. all useless.