Venerable Knight

Venerable Knight

Creature — Human Knight

When Venerable Knight is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on target Knight you control.

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Venerable Knight Discussion

Gans on Boros Knights of Rowan

8 months ago

Hi :) I also bought Rowan's deck and I'm currently building a Modern Boros Knights deck. Here are some suggestion based on what I've learned. I like Fervent Champion, Venerable Knight, Inspiring Veteran and Acclaimed Contender, they´re very good cards that i also run! Another 1 drop that u might like is Student of Warfare. On the other hand, i noticed that u are not running two really good cards for Knights in Modern: Knight Exemplar and History of Benalia. The first one, although quite expensive, is the best lord for knights. History of Benalia gives u board presence with Knight Tokens and then buff all of ur knights. I suggest running 4 copies of each, replacing Benalish Marshal, Bonecrusher Giant and Rimrock Knight. Some cards that u can check are Gideon, Ally of Zendikar (Knight Token generator), Path of Exile (removal), Knight of the White Orchid (mana fixing), Dauntless Bodyguard (creature protection), Sigiled Sword of Valeron and Embercleave (both good equipments, but I personally prefer Embercleave). Finally, in ur Maybeboard u have 5 copies of Basri's Solidarity, remember that u can only run a maximum of 4 copies of a card. Hope this helps u :)

Rhadamanthus on Can the active player kill …

10 months ago

The answer is different depending on whose turn it is. In the first example where you're the active player, the second Venerable Knight will live if your opponent targets it with the ability from the first one. In the second example where your opponent is the active player, the second Venerable Knight will die.

If multiple triggered abilities are trying to go onto the stack at the same time, first the active player puts the ones they control onto the stack in the order of their choice, then the non-active player puts their triggers onto the stack on top of those (if there are more than 2 players, it goes around the table in turn order). That means the active player's triggers will always resolve last since they end up on the bottom of the stack.

Note that Festering Goblin doesn't create a -1/-1 counter, just a temporary -1/-1 until end of turn, so in the first example the +1/+1 counter won't get erased.

vic on Can the active player kill …

10 months ago

I have a Festering Goblin in play. My opponent has two Venerable Knights in play. I attack and my opponent blocks with the first Knight. Can I kill both Knights?

The question is whether I, as the active player, can put the -1/-1 counter on the second Knight before it gets the +1/+1 counter from the first Knight. Or do they happen and the same time, thus cancelling each other? And would it be different if my opponent attacked and I blocked a Knight with the Goblin?

Endersword334 on Orzhov Knights (with lifelink and deathtouch)

1 year ago

Thank you iDescendance! I have been thinking about adding Basri's Lieutenant and Venerable Knight, but now that you explained this to me I think I'll try it out. I have a couple copies of Knights' Charge and recently removed them in order to add Disenchant and Icon of Ancestry. I will try to buy these once I get a large enough order because shipping on TCGplayer costs so much.

Thank you for the requests.

iDescendance on Orzhov Knights (with lifelink and deathtouch)

1 year ago

I happen to have an Orzhov Knights deck if you'd like to check out that list (you can find it here at Orzhov Roundtable). There's some things I like about yours, but I think you might be able to pull some things from mine as well.


I would recommend cutting Silverwing Squadron and likely Foulmire Knight in exchange for more copies of Blacklance Paragon and Smitten Swordmaster. I would cut down to 2-3 copies Icon of Ancestry and remove Disenchant completely for some copies of Fight as One, and maybe a another copy of Gideon Blackblade and Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord. If you have the money, I would recommend some Tournament Grounds for this deck (since you can grab mana for Knights spells which is nice).


My reasoning for some of these cuts are for the sake of being too slow for what Knights are. Knights play Aggro, so you're looking to bang out as many 1-3 drops as you can to deal tons of damage fast. Anything higher better have a decent reason to be there, otherwise it's likely going to be too slow for the deck to get any value out of it (e.g. Silverwing Squadron). Removing Disenchant allows you to free up space Fight As One, which is better for Knights since we don't really care about removal spells. We're looking to burn our opponent as fast as possible, and keeping our pieces intact is going to be crucial. Gideon and Sorin are both great for Knights, since they provide some decent utility (Gideon can give a creature an effect of our choice, and Sorin gives us Lifelink and can help grab creatures back if we need).


Other Useful Knights Cards

  • Venerable Knight (Solid 1-drop, buffs your Knights if it dies)
  • Knights' Charge (you drain your opponent for 1 every time you play a Knight, and you can return all non-token Knights to the field for 8 mana. Pretty sick!)
  • Famished Paladin (This one isn't Standard legal, but is a good card nonetheless. Works well if you plan on playing Sorin)
  • Basri's Lieutenant (can provide a little more value out of smaller Knights by making them a token after they die. When paired with Icon of Ancestry those tokens go infinite, so that's something to consider)
  • The Ozolith (Interesting card for this list, your mileage may vary. It grabs counters off creatures that die and you can redistribute them back onto your creatures as you see fit during combat)

kenvan19 on Knights

1 year ago

I agree with iDescendance and see you've already made a number of those changes but one I noticed you didn't pick up was Tournament Grounds which is immensely powerful since no other card type in standard has mana literally dedicated to casting it and only it.

On his point of 'what does this bring to the deck' I always question Worthy Knight since he pumps out tokens but they're not knights. Venerable Knight is another good 1-drop which can be used as a chop block and then buffs another knight when it dies bringing a bit more synergy with Basri's Lieutenant (BL). Further, I'd second his recommendation of Unbreakable Formation or even just Basri's Solidarity since the first is super to either buff your army if you're flush or save your army if your lean.

Icon of Ancestry would absolutely revolutionize your deck as well. Having the static +1/+1 to all your creatures (including tokens generated through The Circle of Loyalty and BL) is awesome but then on top of that you can use it to start churning through your deck to pick out more and more knights when you are looking for cards. Very good start and I think you're going in the right direction! Good luck!

MrBoombastic on The General's Last Stand (Standard Human Tribal)

1 year ago

I like it! Didn't think about adding Haktos the Unscarred, noice.

A few adjustments I believe could make the deck even better:

  • Add more 1-drops for the early aggression. Venerable Knight is a great early drop and you do have a decent amount of knights to possibly throw the counter on + Fervent Champion gets better too.

  • I tried Sanctuary Lockdown myself and found it lackluster. I'd rather play all 4x General Kudro of Drannith. Having an extra copy in hand is rarely a bad thing.

  • Outlaws' Merriment adds longevity vs. control and the like, but it's a bit slow. I think you're better off cutting it or putting it in the sideboard. That way you can also cut down a land, maybe add the 4th Dire Tactics, which is just awesome here. Maybe even try Gideon Blackblade main - he also fights control quite well.

  • Have you tried a few copies of Embercleave to top things off?


Rorolith on Knights work better as a TEAM

1 year ago

Worthy Knight is good in knight decks in my opinion, if you splashed red in there you could add Inspiring Veteran. Venerable Knight is good for early game aggro. If you splash red in there, a good land for that is Tournament Grounds. Blacklance Paragon is pretty good as well. I don't know how good Steelclaw Lance would be, but you could give it a try.

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