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Hello everybody, let's trade!

First off, I can vouch for anyone I've traded with. They've all been honest, good at communicating, and overall good traders with good cards. Thank you people I've traded with.

I am open to (and actually looking for) lower condition (so cheaper prices) on all of my wants, but my haves are in good condition, or I'll tell you if they're not before we trade. Sometimes I care about set, sometimes I don't. Depends on the card. I mainly use Pucatrade to trade and am more than happy to trade through puca for better price matching and better guarantees. My collection is larger than what I have listed, but I'm a new player and accordingly don't have a vast collection. It's mostly M15 and onward.

Things to note:

With the blood crypts: I have 2 RTR Crypts that I'm looking to trade for some DIS versions. My Crypts are only for trade for other Crypts since I need them for modern. Thanks!

I am willing to overtrade for some of my wants and am always willing to trade PucaPoints for cards, and in most cases at a better rate than the listed pucatrade value.

I'm also getting into altering cards. If there are any commons / uncommons you want extended art on, just let me know and I'd be happy to do it for a trade. Keep in mind that I am new to alters so although I am trying to make my cards competitive-legal, for now I can only guarantee them for casual play. UPDATE: I recently attended a pptq and the head judge for that event said my alerted Faithless Lootings were fine. If you receive any of my alters please give me honest feedback so I can improve my art. I can also provide images of my current alters if you want to see them. I am willing to trade my altered cards for pretty cheap and I am willing to make alters for pretty cheap. Likely around $5-$10 for an alter, but I am flexible with the pricing.

Alters I already have done:

-Dragon Fodder

-Bloodfell Caves

-4x Faithless Looting

-2x Vampire Nighthawk

You can view the lootings and nighthawks in the description of my modern deck Rocket Science

For you traders out there I highly recommend pucatrade. If you sign up here, it gives me a bonus which is greatly appreciated.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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