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Started out as pure WB vampires but evolved from there and is still evolving.

Idea of this deck is to consistently overpower opponents board with a hoard of vampires with lifelink (so aggro will have harder time dealing with it) that are buffed by lords & that one enchantment I never remember by name. Consistent (or not so consistent) draw with Twilight Prophet and Dusk Legion Zealot helps to add more and more pressure to the field. Liliana, Death's Majesty as curve topper and she can and will win games with her pure value

Side has everything for everyone. Maybe. Once it gets ready. Help me.


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After some testing I've decided that Ajani works pretty well in this deck. Makes my vampires bigger, reanimates (though not as well as Liliana...) and has an ultimate I might sometimes want to use (unlike Liliana's)

Also after changes in the store meta and getting rid of most Lilianas, Ashes of the Abhorrent became worse than Scavenger Grounds . This will of course make Hostile Desert worse. The changes that were made to make Hostile Desert playable make Scavenger Grounds even better though so you know, I'll just pick which one I need in the match more and go with it.



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