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Modern Tokens


I've finally been inspired.

The idea of this deck is to play a token deck with Falkenrath Aristocrat as a finisher. If you make enough tokens you should be able to keep her alive through kill spells, day of judgment... really all that can stop it is an oblivion ring.

The curve seems pretty good. The lack of 2 drops in the creatures is because I have so many in other areas.

I thought about Honor of the Pure but I didn't have enough creatures to, in my opinion, make use of it.

Gut Shot seems to have a solid part in the current meta, only lacking against control. It kills something in every deck.

As for the sideboard it seems alright to me although it could use a few tweaks. I'm worried about wolf run ramp. I can use Ghost Quarters but for a deck that requires it's mana in a specific way, these are hard to implement. Suggestions?

Ohh, give me a +1 while you're at it, thanks :)


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Thanks everyone for boosting this to the top list on Tappedout!

Originally I had created this, tried it on Cockatrice, gotten stomped and threw it away. Now that I see all the love it has gotten, I will put more effort into it. As of now I've added in and removed quite a lot. Here's what I did.

1) Decided that I should stop kidding myself and build a B/W tokens deck that splashes red. With this in min Gut Shot left. I think that with more definite forms of control(aka Doomblade) I can do a bit more, plus I should out-race regular U/W humans. The Inkmoth Nexuses of Wolf Run could be a problem though.

2) I really, REALLY like Bloodline Keeper  Flip, so I'm going to play with him. Also, him + Sorin, Lord of Innistrad = sex.

3) I'm thinking Wurmcoil Engine/Grave Titan in here somewhere. I'm going to try this deck out tomorrow and see if I need a more definite win con.

Give me more suggestions and +1s :D I really appreciate it. Sideboard help is always nice, and U/W humans are running rampant...


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