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That has how many counters?!?

Modern Aggro Combo Counters G/U (Simic) Tempo



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Basic idea of this deck is to get as many counters as possible on your creatures and swing while unblockable.

(This deck does have a Trample variation: That has how many counters?!? (Trample)


Avatar of the Resolute- Able to trigger evolve and can enter the battlefield as a complete powerhouse later in the game.

Chasm Skulker- Gets counters every time I draw and the combo between it and Master Biomancer is just too funny.

Cloudfin Raptor- Great 1 drop

Elusive Krasis- The card that started the whole idea, usually gets bioshifted a ton of counters and swings for game.

Gyre Sage- Adds mana and is nice when using Solidarity of Heroes's strive ability.

Kalonian Hydra- Doubles counters on every creature?!? How could I not put it in.

Master Biomancer- Makes all my creatures enter the battlefield strong, which helps with evolve.

Scavenging Ooze- Allows me to get stall graveyard decks and has the ability to flood itself with counters

Thassa, God of the Sea- 5/5 helps trigger evolve and can make target creature unblockable. Plus the scrying can help speed up the deck.

Vorel of the Hull Clade- Doubles counters and is a useful blocker.


Artful Dodge- Makes creature unblockable and has flashback

Bioshift- Can allow me to move a large number of counters onto a unblockable creature.

Hardened Scales- Adds more counters.

Inspiring Call- Gives some card draw and can allow me to make all my creatures indestructible if needed.

Solidarity of Heroes- Doubles counters for all the creatures I can spend the mana on.


Kiora, the Crashing Wave- Allows me to stall an opponent's creature or protect one of my own, helps with some card draw and the 9/9 krakens are terrifying by themselves but they also help with evolve.


Forced Adaptation- Keeps counters going on each turn.

Naturalize- Destroy annoying enchantments or artifacts.

Simic Charm- Extra boost, spell protection and countering. All around good card.

Simic Manipulator- With all the counters I am able to get, this always is able to take threatening creatures my opponents have.

Tuskguard Captain- Gives trample. Basically if I have to be blocked, I will still win.

Thanks for viewing my deck, if you have any suggestions please leave a comment. I try to respond to each comment as fast as I can. If you like the deck feel free to leave a +1!


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