Following the first SCG Open of AER Standard, I decided that the Delirium version of GB counters was more resilient than the energy version, and that splashing Red reduced the amount of black Sideboard cards I could run (playing Lost Legacy or Ruinous Path on curve was very difficult). I decided to mix my old deck with elements of Brennan DeCandio's winning deck.

02/06: Completely reworked the deck based mainly on Ken Yukuhiro's 9-1 Pro Tour deck.

25/01/18: Back on Snek! Mainly based my return to the deck on Andres Campion's deck.

10/05/18: Back on Snek! Again! Mostly based on the SCG Team Open Batlimore wining deck list.

+1s and comments are always welcome and appreciated. I try to reply in a timely manner.



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