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Mimic-jism is short for "mimic synergism" and holy sh*t, it's by far my favorite deck right now. It's five colors and it's type 2!

The mimics are great two-drops that can get big fast. My mimics can easily become either a 7/7 flyer, 7/5 vigilant-flying-trampler, or a 6/4 life-linked first striker by turn 3.

All the spells in this deck will activate mimics. The 3 charms include abilities for enchant kill, artifact kill, creature removal, and direct damage which should cover most bases. They are also versatile with other abilities.

I recently made some changes to the deck. Scuttlemutts are gone in favor of chromatic star, it turns out they were slowing the deck down terribly. Chromatic star is super useful to help get the mana you need fast, esp. in the opening turns. Its card drawing ability also speeds up the deck.

Maelstrom Archangel and Fusion Elemental are the heavy hitters. They can activate any mimic being five colors. They also benefit from any enchantment you have, and get bonuses from all the Eventide Lieges. They can get BIG and SCARY. Legacy weapon is a gamble, it can weigh down your hand. But it's fun, you're playing five colors anyway, and late in the game it can make a huge difference.

I think I've finally gotten the mana balanced well. Its taken a lot of tweaking. Reflecting pools def. help. You'll notice my pie charts match almost evenly, I think that's a good thing. Look out type two, this deck has style AND teeth!


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