Nightsky Mimic


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eventide (EVE) Common

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Nightsky Mimic

Creature — Shapeshifter

Whenever you cast a spell that's both white and black, Nightsky Mimic becomes 4/4 and gains flying until end of turn.

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Nightsky Mimic Discussion

HaazdaGerfson on Orzhov Value City

1 month ago

In short, yes I would generally consider taking out Disfigure. Something to consider is that Beckon Apparition is largely good because of its synergy with Nightsky Mimic, so if you take that out, then maybe taking out Beckon Apparition would be better there. Mana Tithe is an interesting card, and I used to run 1 in my SB, but I'm not convinced yet of its value outside of an attrition-style control deck which might be a good transformative sideboard option.

Glad you've been enjoying the deck! Thanks for the input, and keep tinkering with it to find out what you enjoy and what works!

HaazdaGerfson on Orzhov Value City

1 month ago

Great question! I would certainly bring in hand disruption. I would also consider changing out some small, quick removal for more substantial, longer game removal. And I would consider bringing in a bomb that is harder to deal with but higher on the curve. Maybe it would look something like this:


-4 Disfigure - Control has less small creatures

-4 Nightsky Mimic - This creature is for going aggressive over the top in the early mid-game and requires momentum which we won't assume to have.


+2 Chainer's Edict - 4 hard removal spells in two cards; great for long games

+3 Duress - Bread and butter against control

+1 Guardian of the Guildpact - Hard to deal with other than an edict effect

+2 Ostracize - Depends on the quantity of their creatures

This is very general though.. I am more likely to take out Beckon Apparition against a deck that doesn't use their graveyard much, and there are plenty of other similar considerations. Sometimes bringing in a Disenchant would be the right move.

Last_Laugh on Mardu Vampires

1 month ago

What can I say lol... I've never seen vampires in modern, it threw me off. Granted I did a b/w deck that was entirely multi-color cards like Edge of the Divinity, Tithe Drinker, and Nightsky Mimic so I could use a playset of Pillar of the Paruns lol.

HaazdaGerfson on Orzhov Value City

6 months ago

Going up in the number of Unmake's may be a good thing, as Beckon Apparition can be kind of underwhelming at times. Three considerations are this though: 1) Beckon Apparition is capable of some cheeky combat plays where I can effectively "flash in" a 1/1 blocker and make Nightsky Mimic a 4/4 blocker, 2) Beckon Apparition is great against sacrifice effects where I can make another creature to sacrifice to something like Diabolic Edict, and 3) Beckon Apparition is just lower on the curve, which is just a huge advantage to this deck in general. Look how low the curve lies in this deck even compared to your extort list. That makes it really aggressive in game 1. All things considered, maybe I could shift around the number of Castigate and put some of those in the side. Thanks for the input, and remember to +1 if you like it!

vic on Which instance of "is" and ...

9 months ago

My opponent has a Godhead of Awe in play. I have an Aven Mimeomancer and a Nightsky Mimic in play.

I put a feather counter on the Mimic, go to combat phase, and swing the Mimic. My opponent plays a Turn to Frog on my Mimic so he can block it on the ground (let's say his Godhead is tapped). I let that spell resolve, and on a new spell stack I play a black & white instant which goes unanswered.

What is the status of my Mimic at this point? What is its P/T and is it flying or not?

triproberts12 on W/U Delver Value (Turn 4-6 flying win!)

10 months ago

Nah. I think they're just too weak. I started from a multi-colored base with the Blade cycle from Shards of Alara (Esper Stormblade, Bant Sureblade, etc.), but found that Nightsky Mimic was just way more powerful than anything. When I started investigating how to make the deck competitive, it started to look more and more like a W/B Value deck with blue, so that's where I got the idea to go all-in on flying with Delver of Secrets  Flip. Lowering the curve and squeezing in more instants then became key, which is why I removed the black mana.

vincilios on Trump's America

10 months ago

I agree. Even more for a deck with extort/defense creatures.

After my comment I see Journey to Nowhere in maybeboard. I think is a wonderful choice as don't have restrictions.

I would put 4x Nightsky Mimic. With the cards of your deck is a big 4/4 flying creature beating your opponent amoust every turn.

HaazdaGerfson on Orzhov Value City

10 months ago

That's a great question. So often times, playing against a faster, more aggressive deck that can race, I'll take out a lot of the "black and white" synergy on cards such as Nightsky Mimic and bring in more control cards. When bringing out a lot of threats, it's necessary to have a finisher that is both versatile and resilient to removal. Guardian of the Guildpact is a great drop against mono-colored aggressive decks and even control decks that don't have much or any multi-colored removal. Some examples are mono-green elves, mono-green stompy, mono-black control (have to watch for sac-effects), and even mono-red burn.

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