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Maralen Combo

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Basically, Maralen of the Mornsong searches for Ad Nauseam. Use Ad Nauseam to draw your whole deck. With your massive hand, you cast Dark Sphere and and Sickening Dreams for about 40. Dark Sphere keeps you alive and if your opponents didnt gain a ton of life they should all lose in one swoop. If your combo gets disrupted in any way, you can use the Elixir of Immortality to restart everything. Maralen costs 3 life to fetch Ad Nauseam and Ad Nauseam would cost 3 life to get Dark Sphere, Sickening Dreams and Elixir of Immorality. The Elixir of Immorality gains you 5 life so you lose only 1 life every time you attempt the combo. If they kill your commander, it goes back to the commander zone and you just have to wait to cast it again (cost 2 more every time your commander dies). Also note that you cant lose to decking when Maralen is on the board since you cant draw cards.


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