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Robots have finally joined with Goblins to make this power house of a build... Gobots. It's supposed to be FAST and 'painless'. Meant to hit hard with board pressure 1st turn, and leave your opponents scratching their head and seeing stars, while wondering what just happened to their life total by the 3rd turn at the latest. A perfect set of turn's up to turn 3, without disruption: In hand; Mox, memnite or ornithopter, land(darksteel maybe), springleaf drum, Kuldotha Rebirth, Signal Pest (possibly a bomat courier which has phenomenal potential for hand recuperation or even legion loyalist, perfect to lead the troops threw to a W), with a whacker. T1: Land for turn, play mox, memnite, play springleaf drum land, tap leafdrum and memnite to float R mana, Kuldotha Rebirth (sack leafdrum to make 3 gobo tokens), and play a signal pest with the mox's mana (maybe a loyalist, bomat courier) to boost the teams spirits next turn T2: hopefully you draw into a 0 drop and whacker for 19. T3: You should be catching on by now. GG! The deck itself has some neat 1 of options drawing a Become Immense, or even a Teetering Peeks, and swing with old Orni for a nasty surprise attack in the air, could even Devastating Summons the 1-2 lands(float the mana first!) and swing in a Whacker or use a command to pump for some devastating threats! Finishing them off with a grenade, lightning bolt, or even atarka's command on them is always possible. So many tricks with mox opal, simian spirit guide, and leafdrum with the 0 drops makes my land count at 10 more then efficient. Comboing el Robos for Gobos and swinging in for the kill is what we are looking for! Any feed back at all is appreciated! It's always a work in progress, hope you enjoy. Leave a +1 if you approve of my work so far!


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2-2 last night, 1st two games i smashed like no other. My match ups last night were a jund build(g/b/bu) 2-0 Shut down with a combo 1st game and a blood moon shut down turn 3 2nd game, Burn(G/R/W) 2-1 super close match up, can't remember all the matches details as a whole but god damnit i know i was on the edge of my seat the whole time, then i played a buddys aggro black deck 0-2 for the 3rd game that just smashed me because i wasn't pulling combos at all with no good starting hands, then my last match up was against a 3 trillion life combo deck, i usually can take on and out pace the deck but just like my last game i got too many janky hands,(a mulligan or two can work but no more then two times), but my buddy just smashed me in the face heavy with Siege Rinos and a Orzhov Pontiff to salt the wounds, haha! at any rate i had a fun time. The deck is much more explosive them i ever intended, who ever says it ain't is playing against it, by god its fun! Hope you enjoy! Leave a +1 if you like please ! :)


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