A weird mono-black combo deck built around Heartless Summoning , one of my favorite MTG cards ever printed. In a normal deck, it's no better than a mana rock, but when built around properly it allows for some bizarre nonsense through exploiting triggered abilities. The deck is weak to graveyard hate, counter spells, and fast fliers, but c'est la vie playing mono-black. It's proven to be very fun to play on MTGO, when it goes off the triggers go a bit crazy!

Key Combos:

Workshop Assistant and Myr Retriever also have the added bonus of making the deck fairly resilient to artifact destruction. Grim Haruspex , Midnight Reaper , and Filigree Familiar are all sources of card draw. Shred Memory is both a tutor for 3/4 combo pieces when transmuted, and can also be cast to hit eldrazi before they reshuffle or get rid of things like Bloodghast , Arclight Phoenix , and Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis before they reanimate. Silent Arbiter is an excellent way to lock down the board against go-wide strategies, and he can be recurred in a pinch. Perilous Myr and Necropede both block/trade well in the early game, and act as removal (for their creatures or ours!) once heartless summoning is out. Oh, and they also recur!

Barren Moor has proven to be an excellent addition, allowing for further digging and consistency. Side note: One reason I don't like building multi-color decks in modern is that all of them require such expensive fetch and dual lands to be consistent and even remotely competitive. Mono-color enablers are cheap!


So, graveyard hate is one of the most common sideboard options for every modern deck (nearly half of all net decks use Leyline of the Void ). This is a big problem, since the deck relies so heavily on creature death triggers. 'dies' = 'put into a graveyard from play' so Leyline of the Void completely shuts this off. To combat this we add some blue sources, 3x Echoing Truth , and one more Shred Memory (since it can tutor for many things including Echoing Truth ). Other forms of graveyard hate like Relic of Progenitus only shut down our combo, not the triggers, so we can side into an aggressive strategy with Desecration Demon and Demon of Catastrophes . Against reanimator matchups, Grafdigger's Cage shuts down their plans while leaving our deck unaffected, and it can be recured if they destroy it.


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