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I have a crush on Emrakul, but she is slow and I move fast.

So we opted for a non-traditional relationship that allows me to keep loving the vestiges of her that can stay pace with me. We have a much more organic marriage now, and one that functions at a speed I can enjoy.

Our bread and butter is exploiting our offspring for capital gain like a desperate middle age Youtuber. So we try to have as many of them as possible. Emrakul and I are poly though, and dating this intense Switch named Ormendahl, Profane Prince. And let me tell you- we, LOOOOOOOVE the guy. As a bottom, he is proactive and contributes a lot; and as a Top- ooooohhh baby!! Talk about a hard wincon lol Best part? He Switches really easy with us, and gets along GREAT with our kids.

Of course, any good relationship has good ergonomics. Evolving Wilds and Growth Spasm pull lands out to the field and thin the deck, letting us focus on what matters.

From Beyond can be used to whip out a Not of This World to keep any wincon safe for a turn; and honestly, once Ormendahl is in his leathers, or Em is getting handsy, problems don't last long lol.

Vile Aggregate and Adaptive Automaton are two of of our oldest kids, and really come into their own when looking after a bunch of their siblings. Adapty Patty, we adopted, before we knew that Emrakul's parthenogenisis would be the answer to our homosexual fertility issues. And when Patty came out to us as identifying as Eldrazi, her siblings immediatly were sooo supportive, and really seem to be uplifted by it! Broodwarden is the red-headed step child (from Em's brief relationship with that reckless idiot Kozilek) and is like an all around worse version of her older sister Adapty Patty- but can be popped off from beyond, so I guess she can have a spot in the family picture (albeit a little one...)

Though, I love every one of them. And of course, the kids themselves can be a handful. Em, Ormy, our daughters are all great, but when the kids get picked up by the bus and taken to Eldrazi Monument, where the after school programs help make them strong and really spread their wings, amazing things can happen. Amazing things I tell you.

Sometimes though, you need to shift things a bit, kick the romance up a notch, depending on the challenges life is throwing at you. Are the horizons looking Blue? Not a problem, Emrakul can step up as the Dom even more, and leave problems -torn-, if you support her as a bottom better. Or is the Green eye of issues putting things in front of you that you want to either get or get rid of immediatly as if to annihilate? Emmy gets handsy really quick, but it means going fast, fiery, and primal.

Welp, any way, that's our happy poly family! Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!! Maybe we'll see you at the next play party ;-*


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