This is a prototype deck I constructed. I wanted to use angels. I found the Resplendent Angels ability proved to be very good. I built this deck around that card.

The main point of the deck is to gain life and apply abilities as life is gained. [Lone Rider] and [Glory-Bound Initiate] works wonders for early lifegain. In addition, lifegain will benefit [Ajani's Pridemate] by buffing it with counters. If enough life is gained , [Lone Rider] turns into [It That Rides as One] which is a pretty decent card.

The main purpose is to get [Resplendent Angel] out as soon as possible, and combine it with lifegain to spawn multiple angels.

I have many removals in my deck. When I playtested this deck, I played against a blue deck with plenty of smaller annoying creatures, some which were unblockable. [Path to Exile] is one of the best removers in the game, I believe, and coupled with [Swords to Plowshares] nobody is safe. If a deck has particularly nasty cards, I can use [Ixalan's Binding], and I always want to have at least a couple of Board-cleaners.


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