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Competitive Azorius Control on a Budget

Modern Budget Competitive Control W/U (Azorius)



Welcome To Budget Azorius Control

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If you are like me and money for magic isn't exactly something you have a ton of, then this deck might be for you.

This control deck is made for play at FNMs and can be upgraded to become an even stronger deck over time. This deck plays a lot of bounce, counter, and wrath effects in order to survive into the late game where we kill with either AEtherling or White Sun's Zenith.


Serum Visions: one of the best cantrips in modern.

Azorius Charm: More often then not we are using Azorius charm to put an attacking creature on top of an opponent's deck, resulting in a loss of tempo for our opponent, but we can also use it to cantrip if we need to.

Blue Sun's Zenith: Our replacement for Sphinx's Revelation that never has to touch our graveyard, it helps us refill our hand in the late game when we need it.

Condemn: Our replacement for Path to exile, Condemn is typically used in the early game as a way of removing something we don't like that's attacking us. Sunlance is another option.

Supreme Verdict: Uncounterable wrath effect.

Detention Sphere: Got an opponent who plays a lot of similar creatures, then look no further, Detention Sphere is a roided up Oblivion Ring that can take out any problem on the board and anything else that has the same name.

Elixir of Immortality: The 'Factory Reset' for the deck, this card allows us to play out the game as long as we can and keeps our life total up and running.

Into the Roil The budget replacement for Cryptic Command, being able to bounce and cantrip is great, I've found that often repeal works just as well.

Render Silent: The only real hard counter we play, Render Silent allows us to stop a combo deck if they don't have enough mana to save it.

Repeal: Another card that's good against a lot of aggro strategies and cantrips

Unsubstantiate: This budget Remand allows us to use it as an unsummon as well as 'remand' an uncounterable to it's owner's hand.

White Sun's Zenith One of the 2 win cons in our deck, Zenith allows us to flood the board with tokens in the late game and swing for lethal.

AEtherling: The other win con for our deck and typically the main finisher, AEtherling can ignore spot removal, boardwipes, and pretty much anything else your opponent has in store for it, the ability to swing for 8 unblockable every turn closes out the game quite quickly, and that's exactly what AEtherling does.

Glacial Fortress & Port Town : Dual lands we use to get both colors when we need them.

Island and Plains: We've got basics.


Timely Reinforcements: Great against aggro builds, Timely buys us both time and life and keeps us going.

Detention Sphere: in case you need more o-ring effects.

Elixir of Immortality: Sometimes we need more lifegain and more resets depending on our opponent's build.

Kor Firewalker Our deck doesn't like burn decks, as we don't play a huge amount of counters that'll help us out, so we play 4 of these instead.

Ratchet Bomb: Decks like zoo and Boggles shiver if we put one of these on the board.

Tormod's Crypt: a little bit of grave hate, could easily be replaced with something else.

If you'd like to see the upgraded version of this list, you can find what I'm currently working with here

A Guide On How To Be Boring

Modern Sargeras


Please feel free to leave me a comment or an upvote, I'd really appreciate any suggestions that people have for me on how to make the deck stronger/ more competitive while staying on a budget.


If you enjoyed this deck, you can check out my other budget decks on my profile @ Sargeras


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