Hello everyone, I started playing UW control as a budget deck a few months ago, and have since then decided to invest into the deck and turn it into the deck I want it to be. I feel that it strength comes from it's ability to continually control the board through removal and card draw and bringing back said spells with Snapcasters.


Here's what's typically there: Shadow Zoo, Infect, Bogles, 8-rack, Ad Nauseum, Restore Balance, Affinity, Jund, Mono-Black Midrange, Mono-Black Zombies, Mono-Green Elves, GB Elves, Wall Combo, Abzan, Mono-black sacrifice, Standard Naya Humans, Lantern Control, Hatebears, Esper Tokens, Kiki Toolbox, Thopter Sword. Typically one-two people per deck.

I'm also really looking for sideboard suggestions against this meta, and any help people can give me towards doing it.

My local playgroup has started bouncing around to different stores and so sometimes meta changes happen (Dredge, Tron, Free win Red) happen at some stores we play at, just not our usual one.


The decklist will change as I continue to playtest, the changes will be made later to this description.


Path to Exile: The most efficient removal spell in modern, Path can deal with a threat as small as Dark Confidant, to something as large as Primeval Titan, it's also a staple in all UW control builds, gotta play 4.

Mana Leak: One of the best counterspells modern has to offer, leak is awesome in the early game, but gets progressively worse as the game continues.

Detention Sphere: D-Sphere is a roided-up Oblivion Ring that can hit an army of Tarmogoyfs or an annoying Liliana of the Veil, playing 1 due to it's usage within the meta.

Logic Knot: A Counterspell that likes us having our graveyard filled with cards, playing it as a one of due to its conditional usage.

Condemn: Played due to the aggro in my meta, Condemn is basically another path for me, and is a great one mana control spell in general.

Cryptic Command: One of the best control cards ever printed for Modern, Cryptic allows tons of options and is a very versatile spell in general.

Ancestral Vision: This decks main source of hand reshaping, visions allows us to fill our hand when we've lost most of it by turn 5.

Spell Snare: Spell Snare hits tons of cards in Modern, and is great against my local meta.

Supreme Verdict: An uncounterable wrath is a great way to deal with a nasty board state.

Wrath of God: Besides tron, Elves has been a pretty bad matchup, being able to wrath through Ezuri can often be very necessary.

Vendilion Clique: An aggressive and evasive 3/1 flyer that comes with hand disruption can be very annoying.

Snapcaster Mage: Why would you only allow yourself to cast spells once? Snappy makes a lot of plays possible in this deck and is just a great card overall.

Celestial Colonnade: One of the deck's main win conditions, Colonnade is a land creature that provides us with a powerful clock once we've stabilized and have control.

Elspeth, Sun's Champion: Elspeth can often finish games by herself as the constant 1/1 spamming plus a possible anthem gets ridiculous.

Jace, Architect of Thought: Jace is basically a way to beat token decks and fend off some aggro damage if they don't already have an anthem. He also can be great card draw should we need it.

Negate: played as a one of in the main, negate catches most people off guard when they realize that a Collected Company or Chord of Calling has been hard countered.

Timely Reinforcements: almost every deck in the meta deals a lot of damage, timely fixes this problem.

Gideon Jura: Another win-con, Gideon can effectivly give us a fog if we need to, but also serves as a 6/6 body if we can close the game quick.

Flooded Strand: A fetchland that provides mana fixing and deck thinning.

Marsh Flats: I have a playset from my Abzan deck, and I don't want to spend a bunch of money to buy a Scalding Tarn, my only off color fetch, does most of what it needs to.

Ghost Quarter: A way to deal with everything from Inkmoth to Boseju, Ghost quarter stops our opponent's lands from being problems.

Tectonic Edge: It's like Ghost Quarter except they don't get a land.

Glacial Fortress: Helps our mana situation.

Hallowed Fountain: Shocklands help mana fixing.

Island and Plains: We've got basics.


Blessed Alliance: Helps with aggressive matchups like Boggles and Infect, can be used as a toolkit piece for many situations.

Dispel: Dispel is a hard counter to fight the combo and control decks in the meta. Also good when countering cards like Chord and Collected Company.

Engineered Explosives:More hate for the aggro in the meta, good against 8-rack, Boggles, Shadow zoo, Eper Tokens.

Negate: Good against the combo and noncreature based builds.

Spellskite: A hate card for everything from Shadow Zoo to Boggles, Spellskite is great against any decks that try to do combat tricks to pull of quick kills.

Stony Silence: Hate for decks like affinity, Lantern Control, Restore Balance, prevents Ad Nas from getting a quick kill.

Surgical Extraction: Used to take the combo pieces out of decks if they have been put into the graveyard.

Batterskull: A resilient threat against a lot of decks in my meta, Batterskull ensures lifegain and creature hits, something useful against something like 8-rack.

Rest in Peace: Dredge Hate.

Elspeth Tirel: You might be thinking... Why the heck would I play original Elspeth? You aren't a creature based deck!.. And you would be correct... But in reality, she can be some pressure should she be allowed to stick around for a bit, but mostly, she's here for her -5. The ability to effectively Planar Cleansing on the following turn is very relevent in a deck without widespread artifact/enchantment disruption, (which I'm hoping works against a deck like lantern control should she not be pithing needled first) she also functions as another wrath if needed, but is mostly here for pressure and her -5. (swapped in by cutting Celestial Purge.)

Wrath of God: I like more wraths for the elves matchup.

If anyone has any feedback as to how I could do this this would be most helpful, thanks so much!


Games played online to test viability

GR Tron 0-2

Game 1: Found out that it was an eldrazi heavy list, Thought-Knot is very good and finding wraths in our hand, so is Karn. lost due to not being able to stop tron from happening.

Game 2: Tried to stop tron few times, but he managed to finally grind out till he got an kozilek and had ulamog in hand. Tron also feels like a bad matchup as well

Grixis Control 2-0

Game 1: Timely in the mainboard made me very resilient to his deck, I won through countering his ancestral visions and won with by grinding with collonandes after losing Gideon and Elspeth to Dreadbore and Terminate.

Game 2: More counters, less removal, I won by sticking a Gideon and playing around all counterspells with counters. Wiped the board state of Tasi, Olivia Voldaren, and a Pia and Kiran, felt really favored during the match.

Lantern Control 0-2

Game 1: He got down a turn 1 lantern and got rid of my stony silence before I could cast it, won through a bridge and getting rid of my cryptics and silences.

Game 2: He drew a lot of discard and got all of my answers, got a bridge down and got rid of my cryptics. He drew well, and I think lantern control is just a terrible matchup anyway.

GR All-in Shaman 2-1

Game 1: Got a wrat and wiped his board, then put the pressure on for the kill.

Game 2: He got a nut draw and had 17 damage on turn 3.

Game 3: Stabilized after wrath, he played Eyes of the Wisent but I played around it, easy enough against an aggro build where my removal is exceptionally useful.

UB Mill 1-1-0

Game 1: My board is tuned to the general aggro meta, and i didn't draw a lot to pressure him.

Game 2: He was stuck on nothing but four shelldock isles, drew my pressure and won with ease.

Game 3: cut short

Elves 0-2

Game 1: Went to four with 3 zero landers, he won by default, I don't know how it happened.

Game 2: I drew poorly and the guy killed me turn 4.

Free Win Red 2-0

Game 1: I kept him off of blood moon mana and killed his Chandra, then went for the kill with 2 snapcasters and a clique.

Game 2: He stayed at 2 mana the whole game, I went gideon strike mode turn 5 and crushed him.

Elves 2-0

Game 1: He vomited out his hand by turn 3, and I played a timely reinfocements. I wrathed his board the following turn and crushed him afterward as he was in top deck mode and i had resolved a visions.

Game 2: Bascially just like Game 1.

Elves 2-0

Game 1: Found out weird brew of elves that plays Eldrazi Monument and Garruk, won game one through wrath.

Game 2: Same as game 1, won through wrath and collonande.

Feedback I made after this: Swapped out a verdict for a Wrath of God as Ezuri can be very scary if your elf opponent has mana.

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bah-bammmm says... #1

Kjartan hey man it's fine, i genuinely wasn't being salty

December 1, 2016 6:25 p.m.

Homura_Akemi says... #2

My only thought would be Supreme Verdict. Good job! +1 ;)

December 12, 2016 10:58 p.m.

TeamSDBags says... #3

Homura_Akemi I'm already playing 3 of them...

December 12, 2016 11:03 p.m.

Homura_Akemi says... #4

Omg I don't know how I missed that sorry!

December 13, 2016 5:37 a.m.

Nice build and description. Funny name too. +1

January 11, 2017 1:12 p.m.

freakingShane says... #6

+1 from me. I have a U/W Commander deck that started as budget (which is still fairly is) so I had to upvote this for having similar circumstances!

Blue white control is always a good time, haha.

January 16, 2017 5:31 p.m.

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