This is a budget version of Ninja Miscreants. It aims to remain relatively competitive with minor sacrifices, and as little change to the overall game-plan as possible.

If you are after a casual deck list, rather than a budget one, consider looking at Azorius Flying Ninjas. You may want to consult both lists when building your own.

Major changes:

  • Sword of Fire and Ice becomes Runechanter's Pike. It's a reasonable downgrade, but helps close out the game similarly quickly after we've managed to stabilize. It's not as powerful of a card, but the First Strike actually lets you Ninjitsu after you deal combat damage, letting you net a further +1 or +2 damage and a Ninja effect, making this actually a fairly powerful alternative.
  • The mana base is a lot simpler. Ghost Quarter is one of the cheaper lands to pick up, and can really help you in a lot of match-ups.
  • We lose Vendilion Clique as a potential finisher and instead use Scion of Oona - both often take away a piece of removal from an opponent's hand. The Scion is worse against combo decks, but with 12 counterspells in the main deck, you can afford to be a little worse off. The Scion helps you close out games and acts as yet another pseudo-counterspell. If you are looking for a yet more budget option, consider either another Runechanter's Pike or a Bonesplitter, to help the 1/1 faeries close out the game quicker, earlier. Neither is quite as strong or flexible.
  • Mistbind Clique - We lose the Clique and have no easy subsitute - instead we've focused on solidifying the early game and further taxing players' mana with a full four Mistblade Shinobi 's and a full four Zephyr Sprite 's. This gives us a slightly worse late-game and relies on keeping the opponent off-balance long enough for our various card-advantage engines (e.g. Spellstutter Sprite, Ninja of the Deep Hours) to give us enough power to close out the game. An army of 1/1 flyers with equipment will finish a game quite quickly.
  • The sideboard loses Hurkyl's Recall but gains another Annul and a copy of Shuriken - Affinity's creatures are really vulnerable to a repeatable targeted 2 damage, and a one mana counterspell will help you keep their real game-enders off of the table. It's not a great substitute to Hurkyl's, but it is still a very strong set of plays. Providing you still have the Ghost Quarters to deal with their man-lands, this shouldn't be a terrible match-up.

Hyper-budget options will struggle to remain competitive, but can look at even more budget sideboard options.

For casual variants, Spire Golem works as a decent finisher, Shuriken can be fun in the main deck, and depending upon the decks you are facing, Peel from Reality could swap for Vapor Snag.

Some casual play-groups don't like playing quite so many counterspells. If that's the case, consider swapping out the Faerie sub-theme for a U/W tempo/aggro deck - I have a casual example that re-uses a lot of the same cards available at Azorius Flying Ninjas.


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