You know those token decks, where you give yourself a bunch of tokens, maybe pump them with some effects and then smash your opponent's face in? Yeah, this is not one of those...

These are cards that were suggested multiple times or just seem like they would be good in here. All of these were tested in this deck.

Suggestions are very welcome.

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I tested/played new cards for so long that I forgot to update this list...

Authority of the Consuls replaces Soul Warden. It doesn't give me life when a creature enters on my side, but it is less suspectible to removal.

Angel's Trumpet replaces Massacre Wurm. This one was hard. Massacre Wurm was one of the cards that caused this deck to exist and it is a great finisher. But it costs too much. Mostly, it came down around turn 9 or 10, and that's too slow. When Ghostly Prison is out, Angel's Trumpet deals quite a lot of damage to my opponent each turn, which leads to me winning faster.

I'm currently thinking about replacing Suture Priest with Trespasser's Curse, because it is an enchantment and gives me much more life. The problem is that it would turn this deck into a strict duel deck, as the Curse affects only one player... Thoughts?

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