The Shattergang Brothers are the MtG equivalent of Wreck-it Ralph.

Taken from this article.

In Ravnica, if you want something destroyed, call the Shattergang Brothers . No job is too small or person too important for this goblin family. They are sought after by thieves and priests alike, and even the Rakdos have been known the hire them for jobs that need a bombastic finesse. These goblins can take out—or blow up—any problem you might have. An Izzet mage giving you trouble? Gargoyle spying on you? Pesky curse upon your house? The Shattergangs will bring the destructiveness you need for a (mostly) reasonable price. The Boros and Azorius have both put prices on their heads, but the Shattergangs have eluded capture time and time again. These brothers take pride in their work and joy in the destruction of others.

With this deck at the table, nothing will stay on the board for long. Ramp and fix hard, get the Shattergang Brothers and start getting rid of stuff with the Brother's abilities and a well-stocked removal suite. The Brother's abilities may appear symmetrical, but with the help of token generators, recurring creatures and "dies" triggers, they tend to be clearly in your favour.

When there's nothing left on your opponents' boards and they aren't scooping, start attacking with tokens and a few big hitters to wrap up the game.

This deck needs lots and lots of mana in the right colors, so ramp and mana fixing are a big part of the deck. I use permanents rather than sorceries to have additional sac fodder. I want to start sacrificing things as early as possible, so I run a lot of 2-CMC spells instead of the often better 3-CMC spells.

What fun would it be if I could sacrifice my stuff just once? This category has shrunken significantly in the last updates. Right now, I'm at a point where I would rather play something new to wreak havoc on the board than gain advantage by recurring Bloodghast or using Phyrexian Reclamation . This may change again in the future.

In most cases, I only draw cards when creatures die. Then again, this shouldn't be a problem in this deck...

When I control the board, it's time to think about wrapping up the game. The tokens I produce can attack, but that needs too much time. I need some beatsticks.

There are some cards that seem like they would be great in here but don't really help this deck. I tested all cards in this list.

  • Blood Artist - Too little effect. When you play with 30 or 40 life, this kind of life loss isn't as impressive as with 20 life.
  • Attrition - I never realized how many black creatures are in my meta before I tested this...
  • Smokestack - Absolutely brutal turn 3-4, dead card in mid to late game.
  • It That Betrays - Sadly, it's just a win-more card. At , I should control the board and be beating faces in with tokens and my bigger creatures. It That Betrays just gives me my opponent's lands. And tapping out for this means giving my opponents a chance to keep important threats on the field.

Suggestions are very welcome.

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