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trying to hammer out a 4ish color black control deck. not sure if it's actually viable though. It's got a fair amount of straight removal, a handful of counterspells and Vraska for the non-creature threats, a few sweeps, and some hexproof guys who can either grab a pike or high five Liliana for the win. I've been debating going up to 4 disciple of bolas for extra draw or swapping the disciples for Prime Speakers as they essentially do the same thing at around the same time. Either way I look to either -3 with Liliana or use the pike to get a majar card swing.

I've also been unsure on Devour Flesh and Tribute to Hunger numbers. Both are instant speed removal. I can use both to gain some life in a pinch. The Tribute is more expensive and I have less control on the life gain amount, but will always gain me life. Devour Flesh is cheaper, but doesn't always gain me life.

Finally, trying to figure out the last 4 land slots. Not sure what would work. tempted to go 2 more swampy shock lands and 2 of the other dual lands, but not 100% sure yet


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