Naya Beats, FTW!

Welcome to my latest attempt to abuse the Ponza mana- and dork-base ... thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!

Most of the deck speaks for itself, but two cards deserve special mention:

Arlinn Kord  Flip

  • Arlinn's +1 is especially good with Glorybringer (so it can Exert every turn) and Inferno Titan (perhaps the most busted thing the deck can do). It also allows us to Attack with manadorks and then use them for mana in Second Main.
  • Of note: Arlinn Kord  Flipcan be played when Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon is on the battlefield.
  • It's very much an edge case, but when our Creatures have both Trample and Deathtough (from Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon and Bow of Nylea), we only have to assign 1 point of damage to blockers ... the rest all Tramples over.

Bow of Nylea

  • Deathtouch is especially good with Goblin Rabblemaster (the Goblin Tokens put opponents between a rock and a hard place) , Glorybringer (its Exert trigger can kill huge creatures), and Inferno Titan (his Attack trigger can kill up to three Creatures).
  • Mode 1 (add +1/+1 counter) can act as a combat trick, save Creatures from removal, "reset" a Kitchen Finks-with-Persist, and make even Birds of Paradise a threat.
  • Mode 2 (damage Creatures with flying) can kill opponents' Birds of Paradise and Spirits, and it can bring larger Flyers within range of Bolt and Anger.
  • Mode 3 (gain life) can add up surprisingly quickly.
  • Mode 4 (put cards on the bottom of our Library) is of course great vs. the odd Mill deck, but it can also mess with an opponent's Scavenging Ooze triggers or nerf their 'Goyf.

When sideboarding, we need to be very careful of the following non-bos:

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