Pulled from mtg goldfish found here Subs out Scalding Tarn for Flooded Strand. While a black off color fetch would be more optimal, the blue fetch tends to not interfere as the deck currently plans to fetch out a Watery Grave first. The choice after that is to probably pick out a Steam Vents if you have a few more cantrips or Stubborn Denial's. If you plan on playing two spells with black sorces next turn, then Blood Crypt is the correct choice.

this deck wins by stickings 1-2 threats, and then protecting them. the two primary game plans for that is draining yourself for Death's Shadow, or filling your graveyard for a delve target. lists tend to run 4 delve creatures, and 4 death's shadow because of this split.


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This is my first draft of the death to account for Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf. my matchup vs Bloodbraid Elf is a lot trickier.



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