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I own this deck, and have dumped way to much money into this. The only thing I don't have is a full playset of full-art bolts. They're each $60, so it's a process.

Unfortunately there no promo or foil version of Gorilla Shaman , so I guess I need to learn how to altar now haha.

This deck might not be displayed on MTG Goldfish's metagame snapshot, but this deck is incredibly powerful and very competitive nonetheless. It has decent match ups vs pretty much all types of decks in the meta, and a few particularly amazing match ups like Delver. It's worst matchup has been Kuldotha tokens, but those decks have recently cut back on this decks worst nemesis: Battle Screech and focused more on card advantage, greatly improving the matchup for us as we will win any attrition matchup with them. Their greatest tool vs us used to simply be their huge swing turns, generally involving a few Battle Screeches and a Rally the Peasants , and then finishing it all off with some burn. However with the deck change that is no longer possible as consistently.

This is a very strong, likely tier 1 deck in my experience. You can take my word for it or alternatively proxy or buy it up and give it a shot. Good luck and thank you!


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