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VoidCaster113 says... #1

I'm really trying to trade it for the doubling season, just want the Goyf to replace what I'm technically losing. Because of that, I'm not really concentrating on getting an older or more expensive Tarmogoyf when I need the other card more. Thanks though!

April 17, 2017 6:35 a.m.

MTGNOOBIE@123 says... #2

Hey EmblemMan, how do you up your rank on this site, also cn u play with other people?


April 15, 2017 8:25 p.m.

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I have a goyf to put towards it but not a doubling season. Is there anything else you would want that is a bit cheaper? The goyf I would be offering is a mm2015 or OG modern masters and those are about 15 more than the mm2017 version

April 17, 2017 12:34 a.m.

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Hey bud, you up your rank by commenting on posts and decks, making suggestions on decks, making decks that get upvoted, and helping on around the site just general usage stuff but rank doesnt really matter. No you cannot really play with people on here there is a website called untap.in that you can try out or you can try out xmage which is a free java based applet that lets you play with other people for free.

April 15, 2017 8:52 p.m.

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anything with Supreme Verdict is better because it kill things like Death's Shadow and Tarmogoyf and you can even try Detention Sphere for certain matchups. Personally I think a jeskai tempo/flash deck is pretty good right now but its not really a control deck so idk if thats what you are looking for.

April 13, 2017 1:50 a.m.

ok so most of the things I will tell you are pretty net deckey but I am telling you them for a reason. So first off you dont want 4 Fatal Push or 4 Terminate usually like 2 of one and 3 of the other. Next you will want Serum Visions to help put cards in the graveyard and set up your draws. If you want a more controling version you can try 2-3 Cryptic Command main deck. If you want a more aggressive version you can play Delver of Secrets  Flip and Mana Leak. You can try 1-2 main deck Countersquall or Spell Snare for a control version. I know you want a lot of gurmag and tasigur but 4 of one and 3 of the other is just too hard to cast so I would recommedn cutting 2 total but you can do what you want. Either way you should play 2-3 Kolaghan's Command and if you want to play inquisition or thoughtseize inquisition is better main deck because you dont want to lose too much life. Other than that looks like you got the jist of it. Sorry this is like hard to read and grammatically trash I am kind of tired and dont care to fix it lol.

April 13, 2017 1:36 a.m.

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Grixis then gurmags and tasigur just dont really fit in an esper deck with collonade

April 12, 2017 12:32 p.m.

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Sen Triplets and everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

April 8, 2017 7:05 p.m.

The advice here is pretty solid. One of the best things of magic for me is learning how to do better in it and learning the rules and how to use the rules to your advantage. But that should be after you play for a bit lol. If you ever have questions about specific stuff feel free to hmu im always available for one on one magic talk.

April 7, 2017 9:53 p.m.

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I think the deck is fine but would just be better as a grindy esper version. I just dont think the combo is worth it because not only are you sacrificing inevitability in a format with a million removal spells but also the turn 2 kill is just so unlikely that they have nothing to interact with and you have to be low enough to cast a deaths shadow on turn 1 if im not mistaken.

April 6, 2017 2:42 a.m.

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Probably grixis just because I have no idea what this 4 color version is but from what I have seen 4 color decks just dont add much you have plenty of powerful cards in something like grixis.

April 6, 2017 2:35 a.m.

The reason it is more dangerous in abzan is because jund tries to end the game a lot quicker. Attacking with a couple lingering souls tokens and attacking with a flipped huntmaster or raging ravine is a much faster clock backed up with bolt. Dark confidant IS dangerous in jund that is just obvious because people die to it so often but junds cards end games much faster on average so they need to play it to be able to clear a path and kill their opponent.

April 5, 2017 8:20 a.m.


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