I'm a casual Commander MTG player from Spain. I've been playing since 2003 (the original Mirrodin block), playing Standard, Legacy, Modern and a lots of totally casual games... but I've never started to truly enjoy MTG until EDH/Commander became popular in my playgroup, in 2014. Since then, Commander has become my favourite formart in all my MTG experience so far.

I love the worldbuilding aspect of MTG, when it´s design team reinterpretates existing mythologies, cultures or literary and cinematographic works to create their own worlds. My personal flavor themes are nature and animals (Biology is in fact my true profession so I really love fictional nature themes), Sci-Fi, History and mythology (Specially Ancient History and Myths).

I play almost all colors and strategies, but I'm mainly a Golgari player. Since the original Ravnica was released and the guilds appeared, the Golgari guild offered me a solid base for the two mechanincs I love more in MTG: creatures and graveyard recursion. Due to that, my signature deck is the classic Golgari star: Meren of Clan Nel Toth. But I actually run more than 17 different decks, of different power levels and color combinations. My favourite themes (besides creatures and graveyard recursion) are lands, artifacts, tribals and tokens, and my favourite strategies are midrange aggro and stompy, and also hipervalue. I also like to add some fitting combos in my decks when the strategy and the power level of that deck requires it, and have one or two combo based decks, but I always like to find more ways of winning aside them.

Although I love to build efficient and optimized decks, I mainly consider myself an strong "Vorthos" player, and I always take care of the aesteic design of my decks and let gaps to use lore fitting cards withouth sacrifying the playability too much.

My favourite Planes/Sets of the MTG Multiverse are Amonkhet (Due to my love to the Ancient Egypt culture), Mirrodin (My first know plane when I started, and I also love Sci-Fi settings), Ravnica (Ravnica complex society and the personality of every guild is breathtaking), New Phyrexia (Being the perfect combination of H.R. Giger tribute with sci-fi horror, Phyrexians are one of my favourites factions in MTG) and Ikoria (Due to it's awesome creature an echosystem design).

About "Important" MTG characters, probably my most loved ones are Lord Windgrace (as a badass king panther warrior who protected nature againsts artifacts), Jedit (Loved his old comics and his aspect) the Amonkhet Gods (All of them, both good and evil ones, just for my love of Amonkhet), and of course some MTG villains, specially Yawgmoth (And their successors the New Phyrexia Praetors) and Nicol Bolas, wich I really liked how WotC developed and improved him in the story arch before War of the Spark.
Not very fan of the gatewatch planeswalkers and their close friends though. Of them, I would save Ajani and Garruk.

My favourite tribes are Cats and Slivers, but in general I love animal and monsters tribes, like werewolves, dinosaurs, snakes, sphinxes... I would love to see tribes like birds or beasts being viable and playable in the future.

Some of my main EDH decks:

Friends of mine, and part of my Playgroup:

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