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Selesnya Bogles (GW Hexproof Aggro)

Pioneer Aggro Aura Hexproof Budget GW (Selesnya)



Pioneer Bogles. This deck caught my eye as an aggressive, budget entry into the format.

The gameplan is simple, put the pants on the hexproof dudes and swing in!

Ajani's Presence vs Karametra's Blessing? I think the Blessing is a bit better as I have a relatively low land count and it's not likely I'd often be able to cast Presence for multiple targets.

I have been toying with the idea of adding in 2x Calix, Destiny's Hand and 2x Eidolon of Countless Battles but I'm not sure what I would take out.

Could use feedback on sideboard and potential upgrades to the main deck. Having added 4x Karametra's Blessing to the sideboard should I take out the two remaining Ajani's Presence for something more versatile like Silence?

Open to suggestions for upgrades from T:BD, Ikoria or M21. Nothing stood out right away to me but I could be missing something.


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Took out two Commune with the Gods in exchange for two Sram, Senior Edificer .

Sideboard: Reduced the number of Ajani's Presence and took out a Leyline so I could add in Karametra's Blessing .


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