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Hello! Ive always had a modern dragons deck that was mostly red and abused dragons tempest from before. However, after not playing and upgrading this deck for so long, I did not realize that so much of the red mana ramp has already been banned in modern.

Even though this deck is for casual play only, I would like to rebuild it to still be effective while still having the same elements of abusing Dragon Tempest effects and being mostly red. Do let me know what ya'll think!

How It Works: 1 Drops: Pyrite Spellbomb represents early removal or the option for card draw as well. Slumbering Dragon is both a possible early drop, and also fuel for our Dragon Tempest effects if needed. Thinking of replacing the slumbering dragon with Dragon's Rage Channeler.

2 Drops: Dragonlords Servant helps with ramp and survives Pyroclasm with the option to protect Sarkhan. Mindstone to help with ramp and card draw. Thinking of Orb of Dragonkind as a replacement. Pyroclasm for wiping out the opponents early attack or ramp. Terminate for bigger bodies that need removal.

3 Drops: Sarkhan and Dragons Hoard to help with ramp and card draw. Dragon Egg as both a blocker and a way to abuse Dragons Tempest again. Can be popped with Pyroclasm or Spellbomb.

4 Drops: Thunderbreak Regent and Atsushi just being some of the best 4 drop dragons out there.

5 Drops: Scourge of Valkas for more abuse of Dragon Tempest effects. Glorybringer for both speed and to help with single target removal. Kolaghan is an interesting way to try and abuse the tempest again for its dash.

The rest of the pack: Lathliss if can actually stick around abuses Dragons Tempest even more. This is a one-off due to the high mana cost and can be easily swapped/sideboarded.

Let me know what yall think!


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