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You didnt lose because you had zero life.

You didnt lose because you had 10 poison counters.

You didnt lose because you had no cards to draw.

You lost because you agreed to play a game of Magic.

This deck wins not by playing valuable cards: it wins by forcing your opponents to play cards that lose them the game. The central piece of this deck is Hive Mind. When this spell resolves you wont win immediately, but from that moment on your opponents odds of winning have decreased drastically.

It may feel impossible to cast a 6 mana spell such as Hive Mind in Modern; however, this is where the deck takes pointers from Ad Nauseum. If you suspend a Lotus Bloom turn in one and play a land on your first three turns: you will have 6 mana turn four.

Before you cast Hive Mind be sure you have a least one spell that says Lose the Game on it. Play out Hive Mind and then drop as many Lose the Game spells (usually pacts) as you can. After that pass turn. If you opponent cannot afford to play for the Pacts at upkeep or cannot kill you by their endstep: you win. If anything slips up, you probably lose.

The main way to win the game is casting pacts once you have Hive Mind out. Ideally you ensure you have pacts in hand that your opponents simply cannot afford. This can be done in two different ways. Either use a pact with a large tax on it early in the game such as Pact of the Titan. Alternatively, you can use color intensive pacts on opponents you cannot produce enough of that color of mana such as Summoner's Pact or Intervention Pact.

Often you will need to find the ideal pact to end your opponent. Tolaria West is excellent for finding whatever you need. For spell heavy decks such as Deaths Shadow or Delver be sure to use Summoner's Pact so they get no value. For creature-based decks such as infect, humans, or Coco use Slaughter Pact. For burn use burn cream. For affinity use several pacts at the same time.

You may wonder why Pact of Negation is in the sideboard instead of the main. This is because this counterspell is reactive rather than proactive. Once Hive Mind is on the battlefield you cannot drop Pact of Negation on an empty stack. While a similar requirement is needed for Slaughter Pact but it is much easier for a creature to be on the battlefield than a spell on the stack. What Pact of Negation excels at is surprising control players trying to counter Hive Mind: you have no mana open and counter their counter.

This deck bursts a win out of nowhere: but that means you dont have much of a board state to protect you. Because the deck is red of course we use Lightning Bolt, but we will need more than that.

Most of the creatures in this deck (at least the ones meant to be cast) are walls. However, Fog Bank and AEther Membrane are not just any walls. Fog Bank stops everything from Glistener Elf to Death's Shadow, and AEther Membrane is hands down the best blue card ever printed in red. While the walls easily fall to your opponents removal-it does not matter; they just need to slow your opponent long enough for you to see turn four.

It may seem wasteful to run so many pacts with no intention other than to force your opponent to play them. After all the pacts are very useful spells with no mana cost. Enter Trickbind, it reads your pacts cost at your next upkeep.

Countering your lose the game triggers liberates you to aggressively use Pact of the Titan, Intervention Pact, and Slaughter Pact. Because Trickbind has split second you dont have to worry about interaction (although your opponent may need to be reminded of this) and can safely continue to your draw step. Trick-Titan is especially potent on turn two of your second game since most opponents will board out nearly all their creature removal. They will not expect a 4/4 giant to come out of the combo deck.

One more fun thing with Trickbind is Glorious End any threat your opponent tries to put out. While the spell is naturally a death sentence, with the ability to nullify the endstep trigger: Glorious End becomes the most potent counterspell in the game. In addition to exiling any other spells on the stack, your opponents turn is over. The card becomes Fog, Counterspell, and Stifle for three mana.

To ensure we can find Hive Mind the deck runs a few Ethereal Usher. This tutor is public but gives you the ability to find what you need for three mana without splashing another color. Ethereal Usher can also find the decks alternate wincon Frosty the Snowman. The deck is vulnerable to Surgical Extraction since the combo depends on having Hive Mind. Frost Titan gives you a secondary option with a 6/6 that can remove blockers, open mana, and is hard to remove.

As mentioned earlier every pact in the game can be cast on an empty board except for Slaughter Pact. This is where the Rakdos ender comes in. Cast Pact of the Titan on your first main then Slaughter Pact their Giant token. No one nets anything but both players now owe 8 mana. Pass the turn.

-3Karn Liberated targeting your land. Response, Trickbind still in response Bolt.


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